Friday, January 22, 2016

Delaney Elizabeth

Delaney Elizabeth Forsberg! She made her debut on December 29, 2015, at 9:31 pm. She weighed 9 pounds 5 ounces and was 21 inches long. 
Isn't she a beauty? I LOVE her so much! 

The story now! My doctors appointment was on Dec 28 and we went in (I hopeless and Tyler full of hope) thinking I may get induced. I was 39 weeks. Doctor said we couldn't induce because it was against hospital policy, but we could do "cervical ripening" the next day. So my parents took Ridge down to the valley to spend the night and watch him. Tyler and I went on a date to dinner at Chilles since we had no clue what to do without Ridge. 

The next morning came and we had to be at the hospital at 7:30 am. So we woke up and headed on over. I was put in a pre labor room and given cytoctec in pill form up there, if you catch my drift. I was told if I didn't progress (currently not effaced or dilated and my cervix was  so high and far back) after the two hours, I would be sent home. Well I was having constant and consistent contractions every 1.5-2 minutes, and could sometimes feel the bigger ones. BUT I didn't have any progress to my cervix and because my contractions were so close, the nurses couldn't insert another pill. I was sent home at about 2:30-3 pm. I was devastated and just decided this baby was NOT coming. So I dressed and we left, my parents had come back up with Ridge at this time. Before leaving, the nurse, Kim, said to walk and bounce on the ball a lot. I came home and bounced for a good hour. Then went on a walk with my mom. Then came back and decided to have a shower and wash my hair. Then since this baby was NOT coming, I wanted to style my hair to look good. I blew it dry and was curling it. While curling, I started having contractions big enough I could feel, at 7:30 pm, and decided to keep track. After my hair was curled, I came into my living room to tell everyone I was having pretty painful contractions every 1.5-2 min apart and told Tyler that we should go walk around Walmart. My mom said to bring the hospital bag. I said "no! I'm not having this baby so I'm not bringing it." But as Tyler and I walked out the door, I told him to grab it. 

So out we went. Now our Land Rover had been having suspension problems, meaning we didn't have ANY! This car was a bouncy mess. It was HELL! On the way to Walmart, I texted my friend at 7:59 pm and said we weren't having a baby today! Boy was I wrong. On one bump, fluid leaked out. I was embarrassed and told Tyler that i thought I peed a little (I'm not like others and have really good control over my bladder). Then once in the Walmart parking lot, more fluid. I said "Babe, I think I'm peeing my pants!" I was SO SAD to be peeing my pants. Lol. And then I said that I think my water is breaking and to head straight to the hospital!! On the way there, I called my doctor only to have it go to voicemail. I left a message saying that I thought my water had broke and that I was headed to the hospital. 

We got to the hospital parking lot at 8:06 pm and my water just BROKE! Water every where. I got out of the car and it leaked all down my pants. Now being super embarrassed and drenched from the waist down, Tyler and I rushed inside, me while trying to cover my bum and pants with my jacket. And Tyler being embarrassed with how I was acting trying to cover myself. But hey! I've got to be decent! Lol! 

We pushed the button, said my water broke, and I was brought in. Changed, then boom! Full on labor! Nurses couldn't get ahold of my doctor on his cell phone. So they called his home phone and thankfully he answered. So now he had to rush, living 15-20 min out of town. Meanwhile I'm in freaking pain because that is tough and I'm a baby! I was asked if I wanted an epidural, to which I obviously replied YES to. The epidural guy was now called on on his way. But there I was, still having contractions and trying to wait for the doctor. The nurses were rushing because everything was happening so fast. I had to hold still and my arm was being held by Tyler while a nurse took my blood. Finally the epidural guy showed up. I was told I would have to hold still or he couldn't give it to me. In my head I thought "of all thing to sit still through, THIS is it! I NEED this drug!" Haha. The guy was SO FAST and great! He did it between contractions! After the epidural was placed (I had started pushing before and was told "DONT PUSH!") my doctor showed up! I started pushing again. My epidural hadn't kicked in yet. So I could feel everything and was having a natural birth. Then out popped little Delaney. Actually HUGE Delaney. Haha. I hasn't seen her yet and no one was saying "she/he is beautiful!" Or anything like that. So I said, rather loudly, "Is it a girl?!" And was told yes, then saw the glory of my chubby girl. They had other things to do because she didn't really want to cry. She just meowed and complained, but the nurses wanted a BIG cry. While they were taking care of her, my epidural finally kicked in enough the get stitched up. Thank goodness. 

The nurses cleaned her up and gave her to me. Then told me she weighed 9 pounds 5 ounces! I, along with everyone else, was SHOCKED! The nurses said "where was your mama hiding you?" And the doctor stated that he couldn't believe how chunky she was! 

She and her curly locks are absolutely perfect! And at 3 weeks old, no longer fitting in any newborn anything, she is just as chunky and beautiful now as she was then! 

So my labor and delivery was a hour and a half from water breaking to baby born! So fast and everyone was awesome! 

Also the hospital had a "celebratory parents" dinner! Cutest thing ever! They made Tyler and I a cute couples dinner. Complete with steak and shrimp, salads and baked potatoes, yummy mushrooms and cheesecake for dessert! 
Oh and Martinellis! Because it wouldn't be "celebratory" without those! 

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