Sunday, November 1, 2015


Life has been... Tough. 

We just purchased out new house and have been working on that. It's really coming together though the new house is definitely a project. We only have electricity for the purple room in one outlet. So we have to figure that out. Today we found there is a water leak somewhere and we therefore have no water. This makes going to the bathroom, well, impossible! 

On top of that, Tyler has unfortunately lost his job. We are fighting that, but it takes time. And in the mean time, he's got to find work elsewhere. 

I'm also 31 weeks pregnant. So there's that. With no job, there's no insurance. So no more doctors visits until we can get on, hopefully, state insurance. 

Yesterday being Halloween and staying up later than normal, people weren't in the best moods at church. People in bad moods make me cranky! Thankfully the two people throwing tantrums would leave sacrament meeting together and give me a bit of peace. I feel like today has been a failure though. I ended up sitting in the car crying during the end of sacrament. Then I had Tyler take Ridge to nursery. Ridge loves nursery and asked to go. So Tyler took Ridge and I sat in the car during Sunday school crying again. I then decided I needed to go to relief society and hear the message and try to get in a better mood. I needed it. The lesson was on charity. And boy did I need charity. I needed it to accept Tyler's apology about his bad attitude. I needed it to apologize to Ridge for being a meanie mom and not being able to handle his banshee screaming during the sacrament meeting. I just needed charity. And today, it was tough! I'm so thankful for relief society! It humbles me. 

Anyway! Everyone needs more charity! 

And I am just finishing typing this because I removed the blogger app so I could have tons of photos and couldn't remember where I was going with this. Haha. 

And I have no photos from Halloween because I got a new phone and uploaded them all to the computer.

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