Saturday, October 17, 2015

My absence

Well, in lieu of everything, I've decided to let you in on what's been going on this past month. 
My super hot and incredibly handsome husband, Tyler, had a birthday! He turned 26! Woo hoo! We didn't really do much that day because he had to work. But Ridge gave him sleepy, nap time cuddles AND we got doughnuts to celebrate. 
Sleepy cuddles for the best Dad around!
We each got to pick our own doughnut! 
Mine is jelly filled, Tyler got the yummy maple bar and Ridge wanted the blue frosting one.

Since we didn't celebrate on the day of, we got to celebrate that weekend by going to the lake with Verity, Jake and little cousin Gwen. Verity was afraid of the water. But we all had fun. 
The four of us went for a little jaunt on the tube. Don't worry! We were pulled very slowly by captain Tyler! 

But the biggest thing in our lives that has kept me from the blog is... THAT WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! We officially closed on Sept 24th. We had to clean the first house before we could move in. Then clean our apartment so that we could move out and be done with that. We have had a lot of help from my parents. They helped us paint and move things in. We had friends help move the big stuff (bed, piano, table). We had more friends help pack (this pregnant lady wasn't having any more of that packing crap) and move the boxes. We are so very grateful to have such wonderful friends and family. Seriously my parents have been, and are, such a blessing! Without them, things would've gone much slower or not been done at all. Like painting. 

We are still in the process of unpacking because we haven't quite finished painting. And we already had our first go at plumbing problems. Fixed that. But we still have electrical problems to sort out. But here are some before photos! Our house is cute and kind of quaint. But perfect for our first home and our (growing) little family!

This was seriously a JUNGLE!! Tyler cut the weeds down in front and back. This picture is not as bad as what is was. 
Ew! The living room. The previous owners painted the walls a brown color and had this haineous wallpaper. Mom and I took that down and painted a beautiful white!
This purple room is now white with Killz paint only. There is no power in here for some reason so we don't want to paint completely if we have to take walls down. 
Blue room. This is the master and is now painted white!!! Same color as living room. Thank you Behr paint!
The kitchen had wallpaper that has ivy. I've yet to take down, but painted the walls white. I have big plans in store for the little awkward kitchen. But until I get more money (buying a house kind of runs you down), it will have to wait!

Anyways, we've just been slacking away at our new house. Ridge is loving that we have a backyard where no one will smoke around him and he's free to do what he pleases. I love that the backyard keeps him so occupied to do house work. 

Have a good day!!

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mce said...

Everything looks great. I love the picture of the four of you on the big circle thing behind the boat. woohoo!!!