Friday, September 11, 2015

Scripture Reading

Well hello there! 

A little over 30 days ago I made a promise to myself that, no matter what, I would read my scriptures for 30 days. 

They say it takes 22 days to make a habit. So I thought 30 days would be even better to make reading my scriptures a habit. 

Growing up, we use to read scriptures every morning. I would get out of bed, tired as heck, but sit there as we would read. Sometimes not even paying attention to the words until it was my turn to read. My mom and dad would take turns explaining what we had/were reading meant. I was just annoyed because it was taking even longer. Typical teenager. 

However, the older I got, I started to drift away from those words. Blaming it on time I didn't have, other books I was reading and didn't want to confuse my brain with all those different books, and so on. My excuses were many. When I had Ridge, I said that I wanted to be a good example and read. But that didn't go as planned either. I made more excuses. I'm too tired, I can't read without Tyler, blah blah blah. 

So I made that promise. But it was less promise and more "you are reading for 39 days NO MATTER WHAT!" And it's been over 39 days and I'm still reading. Every night. No matter how tired I've been or how late it gets. I read. One chapter a day. Sometimes I get quite a lot out of it and understand. Other times I don't understand anything. But even when I don't understand, it's been great getting to read. 

It's a step. And even thought it's a baby step, it's a step in the right direction. 

That's all peeps.

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mce said...

Congratulations. Keep it up and try to do it with Ridge. love, mce