Thursday, September 10, 2015

Support of the blue line

I've been having a hard time thinking of something to say. I feel like a victim because of what has been happening. But instead of being afraid, I need to stand up and speak what I've been thinking. 
This guy there! He's so handsome. He's such a GREAT dad. He's fun, smart, funny, kind, generous, loyal, inventive. I could go on and on. He's my husband! The love of my life. He handles all my crazy and blonde moments with ease and sometimes (during the many blonde moments) a laugh. 

He is also a law enforcement officer. 

I'm so afraid writing this because of the recent attacks and murders in anyone wearing a badge. I don't want anything to happen to him. While on duty or off. But oftentimes I cannot protect him from things that happen on the job. I don't know if he will be emotionally or physically ok after each day out on the job. What I can do, is be there for him. However he needs. 

I just want to humanize this badge. All of these police officers have families and loved ones. Friends. People they care about and people they care for. I want him to be safe. I've been away from him this week while he has worked because I've been emotionally spent. And though I've been in a much better mood visiting my mom, I've missed my hunky husband dearly. 

I just wanted to make this blog for him. To let him know he is missed! But to also try to show my support. 
This cutie and I wore blue on Friday in support of the police. So did my parents! It was great!

I sure love him and pray for his safe return each night. Stay safe! And please thank an officer:) 

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mce said...

We love you all very much. DRE & mce