Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hectic Sunday

Sunday's are always a little hectic in our home, like I'm sure it is in others! Tyler gets off work early that morning, so sleeps until the very last minute. Meanwhile Ridge and I are up. Ridge watching me and playing in the bathroom as I do my hair and makeup, but also making sure mom has a lot of distractions! 

Today we were running late! Actually to be honest, we are always late. No matter how hard I try:( But back on track. We sat out in the foyer. Then Tyler and I tried nursery for Ridge so that we could go to Sunday school! It was great. I got to listen to the lesson, Tyler got to catch up on some sleep (he got off at 4 am, church at 9 am), and Ridge? He did GREAT in nursery!! Didn't care that we left him and the teachers said he was so fun and good. Thank goodness! 

Once we got home, we tried putting Ridge down for a nap. Lately, however, he has been trying to refuse ANY sleep!! Oh my goodness, does it drive a momma crazy. So I called my mom. And cried to her. And complained. And then she said to just go lay him down after telling him that "I love him but he is staying in the room to have a nap!" Then go downstairs and watch tv. So I did just that. And after crying, he finally FELL ASLEEP!!!! 

And the heavens rejoiced! 

Then I cried for feeling guilty for leaving Ridge in the room to fall asleep after crying. 

Then (long story short) a stupid, bratty, high school loser girl EX-client got the axe. For good! Because she is scum trying to con people. Then I informed some salon owners not to ever work on this girl! I win:) loser girl loses! 

We've had an exciting day! 

And we got moving boxes so that I can start packing. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Every step closer to getting the house. 

Now I'm going to go cuddle my man and watch a movie, THEN PASS OUT! My bed is calling my name. 

Oh and peak on Ridge after he's fallen asleep and been out for a good two hours! Because that's the best. 


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