Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Park day!!

I feel like we haven't been going out as often because it's been so hot and draining. But the last couple days, the weather has been beautiful. Raining and cloudy. Just gorgeous. So today before it could really start raining, we enjoyed some fun. 
Tyler and Ridge played at the playground while I set up our blanket in the shade! Then after swinging, they came back. Ridge went off adventuring, then Tyler went! They found a beetle and Ridge was trying to squash him and move him with a stick! Thankfully I was far away! I can't handle bugs. 
Tyler was throwing little acorns at Ridge and I! Ridge LOVES sticks. And rocks. And pretty much everything. Total kid!
Ridge trying to catch the acorns that Tyler was throwing at us. Haha! I love this stance!! 
Ridge likes to swing like big kids and on laps too. But those baby swings, forget it!!

Well since I got this Blogger app on my phone, I see it all the time and feel like I need to constantly write! It's nice, except when it's only been a few days since I last blogged and have nothing to say! Haha. You'll basically be hearing from me a lot more. 


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