Friday, August 21, 2015

Exciting news and journey ahead!

So our Forsberg family has been so very busy since my last post. Cutie Ridge turned ONE in April. I have a one year old!! And not only that, but he is 16 months old now! We had a little family get together for his birthday. Just my parents, my sister Verity, her husband Jake and their cutie pie Gwen. We had smoked meat and steamed asparagus! Then OBVIOUSLY cake and ice cream. Our local Bashas sent a coupon for a free birthday cake for Ridge. It was great! We all had fun. 

But that was April. So what's been going on since then? Well... We found out we are expecting another little baby. CRAZY!!  We are so very excited to be welcoming another baby. But we didn't find out what we were having for a long time. Just look at the pictures below to find out!! 

July was also a busy month. My oldest sister Sarah blessed their new little addition the first Sunday of July! So Tyler, Ridge and I drive all through the night literally. Tyler got off work that Sunday morning at 3 am, then I drove like mad to Yuma. We slept for a bit, then got up as late as we could to still be able to get ready AND make it to church at 9 am! It was rough! But I'm so glad we did go:) well we drive back that same day to Mesa to rest up, but halfway there, neither Tyler, nor I, could make it safely back. So we had my mom drive me and my dad drive my handsome boys. 

That Monday, my Grandma Aenone W. Christensen passed away. I was very sad. I am still sad. But also very happy to know that she is reunited with my Grandpa! So we had her funeral on Saturday, July 18th. It was beautiful. And there was no singing of I AM A CHILD OF GOD! Lol! She did NOT want that song sung at her funeral. Her casket was beautiful and the flowers were pink. Because she loved pink so much, we also all wore pink. It was great seeing her legacy! 

That brings us to August. We have been trying to buy a house. Holy cow it is a long process. Ive been stressed and these pregnancy hormones make me quite sad at times. Hopefully it all works out.  Anyways! That's what we've been up to! 

ANNNNND I just got this app to help me update my blog more frequently, since my computer takes 30 minutes to turn on and an hour to upload pictures. And this makes it so easy! I'm excited! 
Pictures start with Ridge's birthday and end with what we are having!!!
Ridge's free birthday cake!

My little ham soaking up the spotlight.
No waiting here! He dove right in!
Yep! He sure loved that cake.
He did NOT want to be by this tree.
Here is Grandma (great to Ridge)! 
Oh yeah!!! We went to Idaho. We were constantly out and about. We went to the Boise mall, the Boise zoo (this at the petting farm), but mainly to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa Forsberg's 50th wedding anniversary!
The grandsons singing at Grandma AWC's funeral.
Family picture since we were all together (minus two spouses) for the funeral.
Cousin twins born the same day! 
Fun at the library with Dad!
ANNNND HERE IS OUR EXCITING NEWS! We will be welcoming baby girl Forsberg January 2016!!! 

That's all for now! I'm excited to be using this app! 

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