Thursday, February 19, 2015

Baby Fever

What's up?!

Catchy title, no?

Did I get your attention?

Speaking of the title... And baby fever. I do have it. Bad!

People (family, friends, strangers) keep asking me when baby # 2 is on the way. My baby is almost 10 months. He is still a baby. But I've got the fever and the yearning. However I go and visit, I get asked. We go to a friends for dinner, again, I get asked. They ask Tyler and I. And I just smile. Be polite. Silently thinking to stop asking me.

Don't get me wrong. It's not them. It's me. Not you, but ME!

I would love to have another baby. I've always wanted pairs. I think kiddos are cute in pairs and fun. And though I'm ready, Tyler's not quite there.

But we've talked about it. And talked. And talked. Still not ready.

So I took to working out. I work out so much harder because it calms me. When you ask when the next little one will join me, instead of screaming, I work out. When you say that Ridge is so cute and we should have another, instead of bawling, I find an outlet, which is working out. Or playing with the cute boy Ridge.

But your questions and your probing, they do bother me!

I get told that we can think about having a baby, only to get told just kidding five seconds later. Or that we can start at such and such month, to have that month come around and be told no again. And it is just getting to me. And it's hurting my feelings.

So while I smile and am polite and imagine, I then have to go home and sleep in bed and think about what was said. And the thinking gets me crying.

Honestly I'm just sick of the baby talk. So you can talk about it all you want, but don't ask me. Don't mention it. Unless I tell you some good news, I don't want to hear it.

Yeah, you may be thinking I'm rude right now. But when you are delving into my personal life, aren't YOU the rude one.

Thanks for the consideration of my life, but unless you want me to 1) scream 2) bawl on the spot or 3) punch you in the face, stop asking me!

I'm not going to pretend anymore.


mce said...

i am very sad. i love you. mce

Caroline C. Bingham said...

Um, people should definitely NOT be asking about your baby plans. That's a big no-no.

At any rate, babies come when they come. Because they don't care what anyone else thinks. (Which is why babies are so awesome in the first place.)