Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Well hello there!

So It's January. 2015!! How exciting!?! 

New Years was so much fun. The Forsberg crew decided to go chill up in Flagstaff with the Denham's. Little Ridge and Gwen went to go be babysat while Tyler and I were invited to go to a party with Verity and Jacob. There was some Charleston going on and some delicious breakfast for dinner! Tyler, I swear, ate about a pound of bacon alone. Hello free food!! haha! It was fun though. We had some pictures taken. Then Ridge decided to wake back up before we were going to go get him. He was ready to party. When we went to pick him up, he was not impressed! haha! Oh gosh! Then we got back to the Denham home and celebrated the actual New Years together. 

Tyler and I had our first kiss on New Year's Day (at 3:03 am the first time because he was too chicken to do it in front of everyone, though I didn't mind)! This is always a fun holiday for us! 

This is my birthday month! I grew up in a family that says it is our birthday month and then we celebrate our birthday week by yummy favorite dishes. I told Tyler that I will be in charge of ALL the holidays including gifts. Well, upset, he really wanted to do my birthday. Hesitant, I let him take over. I gave him a specific list of only a few items. Can I just say that I am SO EXCITED?! You'll just have to wait and see! 

Anyways. This is a short post but just wanted to keep you all updated!

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mce said...

i hope that tyler is up to task on birthday time. hahahaha love to all, mce