Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Time and 8 Months

Christmas has come and gone. Just like Ridge's 8 month birthday! Christmas this year was the best. Ridge obviously didn't quite understand, but there was presents and family and fun! It was great.

Since Ridge's 8 month birthday came first, that's what I'll talk about first.
Ridge is turned 8 months old on Dec. 22! He is so fun and has such a nice personality.
He loves getting into EVERYTHING! And since he is now mobile, he is quick! Never in the same place I leave him. It keeps me on my toes.
Still no teeth yet, but man alive! The drool! The struggle is real. He will wake up from sleeping and there will be drool all over his sheets! Goodness. He loves people. But he also loves keeping his eyebrows down . Those eyebrows are really at odds with how happy he is.
I never really know what else to say about him. I mean I see him and am with him every day.
But here are some pictures. And also some pictures of Christmas! Enjoy!

Uhhh... How cute is my baby boy!?! I captured this a few days before Christmas! 
He kept trying to unwrap all of the presents before the actual day of Christmas. 
I just let him play with everything. Tyler kept trying to keep the tree
and the gifts perfect. Haha! It was cute seeing Tyler set everything up and Ridge just 
keep going after to mess it all up again. Yet Tyler never gave up! Neither did Ridge!

 Sometimes he likes posing for me when taking his pictures
 Other times, he just likes what I bribe him with.

He noticed I have my phone! He doesn't like to have "tantrums" documented.
Every time I whip a camera or phone out to take a picture, he puts on a smile. Hence 
the ever smiling cuteness of my child!
Gosh! Some of my pictures just come out fuzzy! This is Christmas Eve! Ridge got a 
new pair of PJs and Tyler got The Polar Express and a game for his Xbox!

 I bought Tyler a Mosin Nagant for Christmas (among other things) for his BIG gift!
I'm basically the BEST gift giver wife ever! Tyler is lucky to be spoiled every holiday with gifts.

Tyler got me this shirt (it's a PJ shirt but we had to head down to Mesa to see family)!
What's not pictured, are the camo PJ pants that match.

 Our Christmas outfits! We're a cute family.

My big gift was to go see INTO THE WOODS! It was SO GOOD! Christmas was so much fun this year. We went down to Mesa to see my parents and my sister's family and new little girl. It was such a treat. 
I'm so happy to have my little family in my life. Ridge got blocks and Little People and cars.
Though he would rather play with my slippers, or anything ground level.
I'm so looking forward to all the memories of this new year because this one has been so great to me!

 OH! And these last two pictures document our first LEGIT date! Without Ridge!!! 
Tyler had been wanting me to go on a ride along since first becoming an LEO (law enforcement officer), but we weren't ever able to! Thankfully, I do an AMAZING woman's hair that was 
wanting to watch little Ridge. The date was so fun. We went on some calls, pulled traffic over (which is SO scary), and ate some yummy dinner. Seriously though. On the first call, I was freaking out. Tyler said to be cautious and was explaining the procedures I was to take if something were to go awry. Let's just say that I was beyond petrified the first call. And though it was nerve racking, it was also very thrilling. 
I learned that Tyler always feels nervous whenever pulling someone over
or going to a call, because you NEVER know what that person could do! It was crazy! 
I love my man and the service he provides.

I love you all and thanks for reading! 
Just out my other blog as well, http://flourishingforsbergs.blogspot.com/
It's pretty much all ME! 

See ya! 



mce said...

you wrote something !!! yeah !!! and i do notice that we havce info about ridge and then christmas. yeah !!! love to all, mce

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Yes! You blogged!