Thursday, October 30, 2014

Half a Year Already?!

I cannot believe it!

Ridge is ALREADY 6 months old!?!?!

Already half a year has past! I feel like I just had him a couple weeks ago.

And now he's growing so big and learning so many things. He hasn't quite managed to sit up on his own. I mean he does. But then when he decides he is done and flops himself back, he gets mad at everyone for letting him bump his head.

He is a pro at rolling and maneuvering himself to get to whatever he wants. He is also so smiley and happy all the time.

We've already had a few bumps and scares. He fell two times in less than a week. Once off of my bed into a pile of blankets and pillows that thankfully Tyler had put on his side of the bed. Then he fell off a dresser where I put a changing pad. That time was more scary because he would NOT stop crying. And this kid rarely EVER cries!!! So we took him to the ER, got our first set of X-rays, got an OK by the doctor and were back to normal. Geez, that was scary! And now it's funny. I mean, being my kid, he is BOUND more accidents in his future.

Things that Ridge loves to do include going to the park when the sun is nice and warm, going on nice walks, squealing for all to hear, judging people he deems questionable (even his momma and dad sometimes). Ridge also loves doing a Zoolander face where he purses his lips, raises on eyebrow, and continues to stare whilst I continue to laugh! haha. He has such a personality.

He is always on the go. In bed when he's asleep, awake, rolling to get some toys (mostly socks and any clothes left on the floor)! Gosh! It's definitely going to be fun trying my best to keep up with this little boy.

Oh! And one more thing before I post a ton a pictures. He is definitely a little guppy! Seriously loves bath time. We call him Hurricane Ridge! He doesn't crawl, but he "swims" trying to get things barely in his reach. Oh gosh! It is hilarious. He literally is like a fish on land flopping around. What a cutie I have! He's definitely the cutest little Forsberg boy that I have.

Anyways! Enjoy the pictures! These are my favorite. And some are fuzzy. I have no clue why! Grrr!

 We decided to dress Ridge up as a police man in some of Tyler's attire. He's very unsure of the hat.

 We got him to stand in those big ole boots. He loves to smile. It also helps that
mom is standing behind being goofy!

Cowboy Ridge!
One of my favorite pictures of Ridge is this! haha! I love it!

Sleeping while shopping!

And look how little he use to be! :( So crazy that he is growing so big.

Happy reading!

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