Friday, October 3, 2014

5 Months

Guess what? Ridge is 5 months. 
Well it's closer to 6 months now. But these are his 5 month pictures.
He is getting so big and fun. He laughs all the time.
Ridge has started to roll all over the place. I cannot keep track of him. I will walk out of the room and 
come back in a panic because I can't find him. He loves eating too. It's so cute.
We sit him in his bumbo chair and feed him (only tried rice and squash) but he loves it!
He's so fascinated when Tyler and I eat food and tries to grab whatever we are eating.
I cannot believe how big he is getting. He grows and changes every day. It's astonishing!
So here are a few pictures of my cutest little boy!

Looking dapper for church! We love going and flirting with all the ladies in Relief Society.

Here he is trying to grab his new toy - the diaper wipes. My little cabbage patch doll!

 Can you say sneaky smile! I don't need toys because he is more excited to play with clothes, wipes, diaper pads, etc. Basically anything on the ground within reach, besides toys, are his play things.

Sitting in our bumbo, he is now trying to feed himself. WHY is he so independent already!? Gah!

Well there are just a few pictures of this cute little guy! 
Sorry I missed the mark getting these out on time. 
He keeps me busy!


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