Saturday, September 20, 2014


I started writing this blog, who knows when. But when I did, I felt like I put more of myself out there.
I mean, I did have boundaries, but I talked about a lot more previously then now.

And why?

I see people who post more on the Internet than they tell their own families. All their personal problems not to be discussed by those closest to them, but to be posted on statuses for sympathy.

And I? I have locked myself up. Not to be a thing of the Internet, unless I put myself there.

But that is what this blog is about.

ME! Duh!

So why wouldn't I post things about me and my family. My good fortunes. My sad times. Mad things. Grand achievements. Failures. Personal and all.

Now don't get me wrong. This IS the Internet. I'm not going to write TMI. And I won't write some of what I REALLY feel. I mean, let's face it. I am going to filter.

Honesty. That's what I will post. ME. Glimpses of it.

And honestly, here I go.

Let's talk.

Stay-at-home Moms. I'm one. I have sisters that are. Friends as well. Husbands DO NOT get it. My job isn't 9-5. I don't get paid vacations. Breaks. Time off. I don't get to come home and leave work AT work. My job is NOT 9-5. It is 24/7. Through the late hours of the night and the early hours of the day.
I exclusively breatfeed as well. I can't just pass my son off to someone to have him get fed so I can have a break. I don't get breaks.

Expecting to come home to a clean house? That's not my house. My house is a mess. I'm not a maid. I'm a Mother! A great one! What you can expect at my home is a happy baby, and some what sane-ish me.
I may not always be dressed. Hardly ever wearing make-up. But, my baby is always fed, diapers and clothes clean, and he is HAPPY!
You may not understand how a baby can take up so much of my time. And how can you, unless you've been in my shoes.
And I'm still LEARNING. I'm a first time Mom. I don't quite know how to organize my home, take care of myself, and look after my son. The only times I really ever put clothes (Yes! I sit around in my undies quite a bit!) are going out to dinner, grocery shopping (even then, I don't wear make-up), or on Sundays. And really, only Sundays do I do my hair, make up, and look somewhat cute for church. But I can honestly say that my son is healthy and happy.

Sure, it is giong to take some getting use to. I have great examples to me. My mom. Sisters. But I am not them.

So instead of persucuting me for my home being a mess, look at my son. Look at me. I'm not crying (Well not everyday). We are happy.

And to me?

That counts.

Until I can get the hang of this, just expect dinner to be made and a messy house where *sometimes* I may be dressed with the dishes done.

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