Thursday, December 2, 2010

Letters to Whomever II

Dear The bad Parking man,
After you parked so terribly next to me and I wrote you a little note explaining your decision to not straighten, you did very good at parking straight. However 2 days parking straight don't count for anything. Please try to practice parking more so that workers in the same building don't have to try to squeeze into their cars.... It's just polite.

Dear Man who has a chew of tobacco and chooses to breath on me,
You have stinky breath. I don't like it. I only have to train you because they said so. If you would like some gum, you'll have to spit the chew out and I will give you some. But chewing gum, eating candy, drinking coffee, etc, at the same time... Kind of grossing me out. No lie.

Dear Glee,
You make my heart happy.

Dear Bills,
I'm happy to have the responsibility and maturity it takes to master paying you along with balancing my check book. But if you could just stop, that would be great.

Dear LA Fitness gym,
You are always so empty when I go into you. But I like it. It leaves every piece of equipment I want to use available. Plus you make my body look Rockin' and I love it. Don't stop. Oh and the little GNC place by you? Such a good marriage. I can go work out and know that I have the protein drinks and "Hot Body" pills . You also help with that. My motivation is kicking in and I LIKE IT!

Dear Music,
I love dancing to you wild-like in my car. I don't really like that you make others stare at me in wonder... But I think I'm OK with it. Never stop.

Dear Kruse,
You make working delightful. I was very upset I had to train today because I had Mr. Chew breathing on me. Tomorrow will be a different day and talking and laughter again. THAAAAAANK goodness!

Dear Cartoon Movies,
I'm a big kid in a grown woman's body and I LOVE YOU!

Dear The close age of 23 approaching like a death fog,
I don't like the thought of you. I feel young and alive at 22 and I'm perfectly fine with staying that age. But 23? Why? Well hopefully you make the best out of me. 23, I'm perfectly please and looking forward to meeting you come January 31.

Dear People who know photographers,
I'm needing some cute pictures taken of me.



Sarah Blue said...

Dear Mermaid,

You are delightful.



Meredith said...

Dear Sarah Blue,

Thank you very much!

You also make my heart very happy.