Sunday, November 28, 2010

A post for a post...

OK! I couldn't think of a good name for my blog post, hence the lame-ness above! ha...

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you go shopping on Black Friday and get some great deals?

Mine was good. We had just a few of our family in town, which made for a small Thanksgiving with extra food to spare (hello yummy leftovers!!!). It was great! Everyone did a little of something. My oldest sister's family was here in town staying with us, my sister Berit and her sone Curtis, the Rents (cool way of saying parents), my Grandma and Aunt Karen, and also my youngest sister Verity and her hubbie. Sounds like a lot, but trust me, it's not even close. It was all good fun though. Early in the morning we had gone to see Tangled, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Great fun, you should see it. Then the guys took the kids out for their own Turkey Trot. After we rested and got ready for the feast. We had a great smoked turkey for lunch (courtesy of EVIT) and then an even greater bird for the Thanksgiving feast. I could only eat ONE plate! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!??? Yeah, just one. It was good though. Then of course the delicious deserts of pumkin and peacan pie. So tasty!

The next day was Black Friday. Now, mind you, I had and have never participated in a Black Friday before. This year was different. I was going and I was going to drop some bills ($$$)!!! So early (6 am, haha!!) in the morning, my mom, Berit, and Verity, went to go to the Black Friday Fes-crazity! We went to Wal-mart(s) and Target first. Then took a break came home to get some dinner ready (YUMMY white chilli)! And we were off again, this time my Dad had joined us. This time to the Hobby Lobby and the mall. This is where I did some serious shopping. For myself obvisously. I can't by gifts with the people I'm buying them for are there. Back to my shopping. At Hobby Lobby I got this thing that can't really be describbed, but I'd been keeping my eye on it for quite some time. My mom told me not to buy it because "it would go on sale". AND on sale it went. I only bought one, though i'll be going back for a second. I also bought this star. I have a thing with stars, and snowflakes. But this star is one that hangs on the wall. It has a western look to it and inside the star, there is the lonestar. You know? The star in the circle. Well, that's inside the bigger star. I'm pretty much a collector of them, stars, that is. After Hobby Lobby, we all journeyed over to the mall. I bought three pairs of pants. I LOVE pants. SO to be on the list to make Meredith happy is stars, snowflakes, and pants. Among some other things too. Oh! I also got some Clinique make-up too. That was that!

Taking this on another note and the main reason I'm posting. I feel safe to post it on here for the fact that my blog is SO NOT popular. haha! There is this missionary that I kind of like. While I was living with my sister, Caroline Mombabe (she's SUPER popular), in Virginia I was in a singles Branch for the church.

Well this missionary boy had been one of the missionaries their along with his companion. He was cute, but off limits. Anyways, I left Virginia and we started to write back and forth. I sent him stuff, he sent me stuff. I hadn't liked him. Well, I had, just not the like-like kind of like. But I kept writing. I was dating other guys too, but nothing quite worked out. Just a few short weeks ago, he had written that he was coming home. I quickly got my letter out to him before he DID come home.

I was still thinking to myself, "Do I like him? Do I NOT like him?" It was an ongoing battle in my head. We also e-mailed. In his last letter to me, he gave me his telephone number so I could call when I got home. Me, thinking a boy should always call the girl first (I think it's a pretty good rule), I gave him my number in an e-mail (I'd debated on putting it in the letter for the fear of seeming desperate.)

That is until he gave me his number first in his letter. Then things changed of course!

He got home on a Friday, and I finally talked myself into like-liking him. Not that there was a lot that needed to be talked into. So when he was home, I officially started to like him. I wanted to wait, but I was being impatient. All day friday had past and I'd heard nothing from him. "It's ok!" I tell myself! "He's just busy with family which he should be!"

Then Saturday comes.... All day and nothing again. I'd got invited to hang out. So I'd given up and started to get myself pretty looking to hang out.

I got a text on my phone. Thinking nothing of it, I let it be. After finishing my make-up, I'd checked my phone. Hmmm... an unrecognizable number from his area code. Check text. Heart pound! It's him!!!! On his mom's phone, but it's still him. Texting, but still!

We text. And text. Then I have to go because I'm with friends. And things are good.

Sunday and nothing though.

Monday, nothing again. His mom has her phone back, duh! That's why.

BUT he did say he was getting a phone on Monday. Still, nothing.

Tuesday, go to work. Nothing. Break at work, check phone. BAM! Text! Happiness! But I can't have my phone at work. So I wait until I have time and then I can respond. The week goes on just texting, though he said he would call.

I cannot imagine what his voice sounds like. I feel so, well giddy, and girly. What is happening?!?!

Comes the saturday which is yesterday. I get a call. And it's from him. We talk and chat. He has to go, but says he'll call back. I get in the car and drive to my friends and he does. We chat until we both arrive at our destinations.

We talked. I heard his voice. Ahhh!!! This is why I'm blogging. Because in such a huge internet world, I know that posting my nerdiness about a boy, who doesn't read this. So you all get to know how nerdy I am. However, if you already knew me, than this comes as no surprise.

So! What are you happy about?!?

P.S. I never posted about Halloween.... I will do so in an upcoming post.

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Sarah Blue said...

I want to see the star and the thing you can't really describe next time I'm in town.

Very exciting about the boy! I'm crossing my fingers that it works out in a nice way. :)