Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good things to have on hand...

So today/tonight, I went to the Paradise Valley Mall with my sister Beary Bee and her son, my nephew, Curtis. It was a looooooooong way out. We went shopping. I got all of my Christmas presents taken care of... For one person that is. That means I still have a long way to go. Good thing Christmas is, well, not as far away. Ha! Now I just wrap and mail to Missionary (we'll call him the RM now) in ID. Easy pee-sie, lemon squeezy!

Anyways, tonight when we were shopping, we went to Dillard's (my FAVORITE store with all my favorite brands!!!) and JcPenny's. Among window shopping in other stores. **I'm going to buy a Burton snow board on my next pay check!!! EEEEEEK!!! Excitement running through my veins!** Dillard's was fine. Then we walked, and walked and walked some more. ALL the way to JcPenny's. We walked in, went all the way to the back for Men's dept. The further back we walked, the more hot it became. It was like a living inferno in that place. I'm not sure how the workers were taking it. So I had said "It's freaking hot in here!" To which my prego sister, Beary Bee, replied, "Oh good! I thought it was just me and my hormones!!!" hahaha! I love her! **Being hot in a store while shopping makes me irritated. I was not standing it!** It was hard to find what I was looking for. Some little worker (obviously not noticing how freaking hot it was) pointed us in the right direction. Found what I needed, purchased the sweet items, and left. Much cooler now. However, we still had the entire mall to walk through back to where we parked. Hello easy cardio!

We drove home, after picking up some soup for me mama and put the very tired (though not willing to show his tiredness) in the bathtub. Beary Bee asked me to watch the little chub chub while she went to fetch PJs and a Diaper. Mr. Baby Chub started to toot. And I told him, "It is ok if you poop in the bathtub! Do you know why?!?!? It's because... I WON'T HAVE TO PICK IT UP!!! hahahaha!" Well he didn't. At least not at first. After I walked out, Beary Bee yells, "Oh my GOSH! He is pooping! He just pooped in the bathtub!" haha!! So funny. So I said, "Welp. You better fish it out with your hand!" haha!

So... Moral of the story of the good things to have: Always have a fish net in your house if you don't have potty trained, and bathing, babies. That way if you see a little turd in the tub, you don't have to touch it.

Oh! BTB (By the By)! Beary Bee. Cleaning the tub now! hahahahahaha! Love nephews that listen to me!


On a side note. Want to hear a horror story? Thought so....

The other day, I was talking to the RM on the phone.
He had brought up a mutual friend of ours and asked if I remembered him.
Of course, I say. Then he brings up the subject that this mutually friend had sent him e-mails. But not JUST e-mails. E-mails of my blog posts...
But only when the mutual friend thought it was about him. RM man starts to read me my own words. "Crap oh CRAP!" I think. I run down stairs pull up my blog and search for what he is reading me. He gets to the part that, yes, is about him. Great! So everything I'd put, pretty much all the embarrassing stuff too, is in his hands. BUUUUT ONLY the stuff that's about him. And that was a long time ago. Except for a recent post. Which has everything to do with him. HORROR!!!

Then, to my relief, RM man says he doesn't know how to get to my blog! So good. Then I say, "Oh! It's easy! There's a link on my facebook!" WAIT, WHAT!? I just said that. I was just pretty much boasting to him how EASY it was to get to. As my dad would say "Eye-D-ten-T". A. K. A. Idiot. No taking back. All you can do is play it nonchalant like. I think I pulled that off pretty well. I think. Anyways, Now he's probably reading this.... With you all. I thought my blog was unpopular! But yet, not so much. Dah well... Anything embarrassing posted, is now available so he can read.

So why am I posting this story? Because I thought it was funny and shocking and horrifying at the time. More horrifying than anything though!! Goodness.

What about you? Have you gotten all your Christmas shopping down? Are you procrastinating? Anything like the above story ever happen to you? Both about the turd and the boy?



Sarah Blue said...

There comes a point in every baby's life when they will poop in the tub. The phase usually last a month. Less if you're lucky. More if you're not lucky. The thing is, the kid has just eaten dinner, their tummy is full of new good stuff and now has to make room in the intestines. Add that to a Relaxing bath, and a bowel movement is inevitable.

And no, I have not yet finished my Christmas shopping. It will be done Wednesday. :)

To the RM: Meredith is Fantastic!

Tyler Glen said...

I am the RM Merdith is talking about. I know she is Fantastic. She is also amazing, gorgeous and every other good thing you can say about someone. That is why I love her. That is also why i asked her to marry me. I am overjoyed that she said yes! :)