Monday, December 6, 2010


Today is this rudgedly handsome man's birthday.
He is my Dad and AWESOME!
I think this picture depicts him very well.
Also doesn't my sister look LOVELY!?!
Well today since it's Dec 6th I decided to write
my top 6 favorite things about him. So without
further adu, and in no specific order, here
listed below is what I love about my dad!
1. He's funny and like to joke around.
2. He helps and comes to my aid when my blasted car decides to break down.
(This has happened on numerous occasions and
mostly at work too!)
3. He drives a BIG truck.
4. He likes to go "off-roading", camping, and all the
other necessary good things for outside.
5. He jumps in the pool with me after we mow our lawn.
Front and back take forever!
6. He likes to conduct to classical music in the car.
I'm not sure if he's ever noticed that I'VE noticed, but I have.
Love you!

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