Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why So Happy?

Why am I so happy this Arizona (cold) evening? Well I am happy for a few reasons. . .
I will share with you them now.
1. I am happy because it is the winter season. Which means pull out those cute winter clothes and wear them while you can. Snuggle up close so that in this freezing weather you can warm right up. Also because it is the Christmas season. I love Christmas.
2. Christmas is NEXT WEEK! How amazingly crazy is THIS fact? I know, hence the announcement. Christmas is my favorite holiday. After all the kiddos screaming for what they want, all the parents spoiling said kiddos, and after all the shopping, and work is done with, people are happy. I like happy people.
3. I absolutely LOVE STAR and SNOWFLAKE ANYTHING! BUT you rarely find things outside of this lovely Christmas season.
4. School semester is over and done with. No more hassle. Now it is just work.
5. Family! After all the confusion of what to buy, family really comes together during this Winter Wonderland Season! It's amazing! I love my family SO MUCH! WOOOOOT!
6. Cold Weather! Being born in Jan has it's positives. Cold weather, snowflakes, and stars are some of them. But so is the Hot Coco with the works and Hot Wassail (really tast-i-fi-able apple cider kind of jazz).
Everything just seems in such a better mood come the winter season. I LOVE IT!
These are some reasons why I am happy!
What about you?


Caroline C. Bingham said...

Shut. Up.

I told you computers are magical.

*fingers crossed*

mce said...

dear meredith,
you ARE a snowflake and a star. have a great day.