Friday, December 25, 2009



This morning I woke up to my dad saying very loudly, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!"

Then we waited until my sister, Verity, woke up. Meanwhile my older sister and her husband, Berit and Josh, arrived at our house. Verity FINALLY, just kidding, woke up and we started the un-wrapping of gifts.

******THE BEST PART******

My parents. Has anyone else found it VERY difficult to find or buy anything for your parents? I sure did. Until I was out shopping with my mom and dad! The thing that caught their eye? . . . . A Cannon Rebel Camera, 10 px. From there I ran with the idea.

I told all of my siblings and fortunately they all thought it was a good idea. Something that we could get them, FINALLY, that showed just a little bit of the appreciation that we have for them.

I gave the gift to my dad, and told him to be VERY CAREFUL. Such a very nice gift should not be dropped.

He opened it and BAM! There it is! The box! The CANNON REBEL CAMERA BOX. Verity, Josh & Berit, and I said, "You never know what is IN the box." As we were saying this my mom blurted out. . . "What is this? How much was this?" along with other probbing questions.

Not to worry Mom and Dad, because this is free. . . For you!! haha!

Man a live. From then on she kept asking the dying questions of "Who bought this?"

Easy answer, "WE ALL did!"

"Where did you get this? How much was it? How much did everyone pitch in?"

Easy answers too. "It is for us to know, and you to never find out!"


Oh! If I could've recorded this priceless moment I would have. But sadly MY camera battery is dead. . . Ah well!!

TO ALL my siblings, thanks for pitching in!!!! It was a great Christmas gift!

If she asks if you did, the answer is YES.

If she says, "We're still thinking about it!". Well there's nothing TO think about. It's already bought and paid for and opened. By me nonetheless (knowing they'd probably TRY to take it back!)

***MUWAH-HAHAHAHAHA (again)***

If she asks anything else about the camera, OR DAD, avoid it!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU!!! Hope Santa was nice!


Sarah Blue said...

The camera was a great idea. I'm glad you caught onto it and let us in on the gift. Such fun!!! :)

Hannah said...

Way to go with the 'rents present! I Always have a hard time with presents for my parents too. In fact, I still haven't gotten anything for my dad, which only works out because my parents live in PA and I won't see them until this weekend. So...I should probably go find something for him. Hmmm. What to get...