Thursday, December 31, 2009

21 With Help From a Cane. . . ?

It is New Year's Eve! NEW YEAR'S EVE!

DANG! This year went so fast and I liked it!

Since it is New Year's Eve, I will post my New Year's Resolutions.

I like them! They are pretty witty, if I do say so myself. And I

do! ha!

New Year's Resolution #1 - Dance in my room for at LEAST 5 min, EVERY DAY!

New Year's Resolution #2 - Stop drinking soda. (it is the devil of me Pop=Popbellies=unattractive)

New Year's Resolution #3 - Join a 60+ jazzercise class and show everyone my mad skill by blowing them all away. (will be done in costume)

New Year's Resolution #4 - Sumo Wrestle in a fat suit!

New Year's Resolution #5 - Walk around, in Wal-mart to hopefully get my picture posted on their awesome "crazy picture people" website, in a fat suit.

New Year's Resolution #6 - Go to a state I haven't visited yet and try some of there yummy food from the Food Network station.

New Year's Resolution #7 - Get un-addicted to Facebook and more addicted to things that matter.

New Year's Resolution #8 - Buy a Car!

New Year's Resolution #9 - Become the best at work.

New Year's Resolution #10 - I couldn't really think of one more, but I want this even. SO FOR THE LAST. . . . . I AM GOING TO JUMP IN MANY A FOUNTAINS!! You know the ones you drive by? Yeah Those! Even when it's cold. I'm going to do it at least once. without getting caught. I'll keep you updated on that bad boy.

Bam! What are some of YOUR New Year's Resolutions?


Oh Yes! I almost forgot the true meaning of my post today. I am posting because I am

21 years old (22 in Jan), and I feel old. Why you ask? Because it is New Year's Eve. Big party

night. The stay out late night. Have fun and count down the year night.

Do you know what I want to do?

Nothing. NONE of that. NO partying. NO staying up late. No kissing someone because

it is the New Years (something I haven't done, saving it for my future hubs). NO dressing up,

looking pretty and going out. No party hopping. Zilch.

I want to stay home, be in my PJs, watch movies, and GO TO SLEEP EARLY!

I think I need a cane, because I am getting old.

I think someone should have a PJ party. A movie night. Something that can be done any other

night. Then I want to sleep.

So throw over that cane and I will surely use it, because the time has come that I'm old and

young at the same time! Man ALIVE! Who knew!

For all of you that Do go out, Be safe! Have fun! Don't get TOO crazy!

AND. . . . . . . .

!!!!!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!


Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

I heart you a lot.

Wow. I feel old too. You're idea to stay home in your PJ's and watch movies and go to bed early sounds divine...but alas, I am vacationing with family and will be forced to stay up into the wee hours of morn. I love you. Happy New Years!

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

Oh and Happiest early Birthday if I forget to tell you on the 31st...


QueenBee said...

Um.. come over to my house and we shall party. I'm calling you

Sarah Blue said...

You're so silly! Just because you don't want to go out and party all night doesn't mean you are old. It means you are mature and responsible! Good things. :)

Happy New Year!