Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Letters To Whomever. . .

Dear School,
You are a lot harder than I thought! You almost make me want to quit work and not get paid to work on you. It is not cool. But I am very happy that I will almost be halfway done with your face when May comes around.

Dear Work,
You are becoming tedious. Sometimes I hate you. A lot of times I hate you. But then I step back and think, "Well at least if you are going to suck You can pay me." ANNNND you do! So therefore I am happy. . . Somewhat

Dear the age 22,
I heart you! You+me=BEST FRIENDS. . . Until next year!

Dear Gym,
I will become your biggest fan! In fact I am almost there. You+me=Meredith gets one HOTTIE bodAY, HEY!!!

Dear The Kid In My Class I Gave my Number too,
I only gave you my number to text me if you. . . MISS CLASS. Or if I MISS CLASS. You have been abusing the purpose by texting me everyday. More than once a day. If I could rewind, I wouldn't have given you my number in the first place. Listen up buddy. . . If I do not text you back, don't text me the same question. I can read, I just chose NOT to respond. The. End

Dear My Old Partner in My New Class (not same class as before),
The more you are late, the more trouble you will get into. Hence, don't be late. Oh and when you were late (we aren't partners anymore because my teacher did a musical chairs type deal with everyone) don't talk to me when you know that I will get into trouble. You've already gotten me in trouble once. Here's the deal. You listen quickly, I tell what you've missed (for the fourth time), you understand, and don't ask me about my weekend or week. In case you didn't listen, check your e-mail. The teacher is kind enough to e-mail every single little detail you did miss. Oh! Maybe try not being late!
P.S. You smell of really bad smoke which makes me want to gag.

Hmmmm. . . I seem to be forgetting some letters. But tis ok! I will post them if I remember. . . Or probably not.



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Whitni Watkins said...

bahaha most of the letters are to boys. :-P