Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sometimes. . .

Sometimes when I go back and read my blog, yes I read my own blog, I laugh. Sometimes I get embarrassed by what I actually put. I only say sometimes, because I know what I am writing, most times. I only get embarrassed every now and then when I someone has told me they read my blog. I think, "oh man. . . Who are you? What is it you read? What did you think?"

Then I come to my senses and think, "I am really not embarrassed about what I write."

I mean, I don't put tons of personal stuff in here. But I did boast about dates. That makes me wonder, if I am cool enough to have boys read my blog, that you are reading something funny, embarrassing. Yeah!

But want to know a secret!?! I've decided that even if someone does stumble across my blog, it's YOU that is reading ME! SUCKER!!! So basically that says I. Am. Cool. End!!!


Ps. I know this is short, however something is better than nothing right???

PsS. . . I HAVE A JOB!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOT!! That means I MAKE money! I no longer am a bum!!! I have a job, however worthless it is. I feel totally useful!

1 comment:

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

Horray for not being a bum!!!

And double horray for being way cool :)