Thursday, October 8, 2009

Part Two of F-U-N

Well let our journey continue. . . So I left the last post with a picture of
the Illinois state sign. But these are picture around the Mississippi River and from
thence we will move on into more explanation.
Isn't this COOL? It's where the boats come and then the water change
and what not. AH! I thought it was cool! And my dad was taking
a picture so why couldn't I. . .
Haha! Oh kay! The reason I put this on is because my mom said, "Oh take a picture!
They are SO cute!" So I did! But they were cute! They're whole group went on
a picnic! And all their dresses are house sewn. I love it! I will do that for
my little girls. . . When that time comes. Anywho!

See this boat? Forget about the "Geo. M." part! See the "VERITY" part? Well,
that is my loverly sister's name! She is cool.
I think I forgot to tell her about this. . .
Now onto Illinois. . . WOOT!

So there are a LOT of pretty things here. We still see the Mississippi river,
but you can see the width. The pioneers had to cross that sucker,
in the middle of FREEZING winter. . . and not all of them made it. You try
that! But actually if I recall right (Mom or Dad help me out), the river
hasn't frozen since then. CRAZY!

It is also a dream of mine to visit EVERY single LDS (Latter Day Saints - Mormon)
temple in the world. And hopefully when I am older, or married,
I am hoping to be able to do a session in
each. You can get info about that at
(oh and my dad is in the picture. He is handsome. In a gray shirt.)

See these love-lees? They are in FRONT of the temple. They are pretty and reminded me of one of my older sisters Beary Bee. She likes yellow!

These photos are just a lead up into my next blog.

It will be about two of the Great Lakes, light houses,

and my adventure there. . .

So until then! Thanks for following up!



Ps. I haven't mentioned this to anybody but one person. But I needed a place to

vent. So thankfully I have this blog. Remember that boy who dumped me, over the summer,

in a different state, OVER THE PHONE! Well, we talked and decided that we needed

time to think if we would get back together (a little less than 2 weeks ago). I made up my

mind that I didn't want to get back together with him.

So I texted him that we should talk.

He replied that would be a good idea, but he had to tell me, "I'm dating someone."

OVER TEXT! Geez! This boy has the GREATEST excape routes. Phones are

worthless. Anyways, he told me this. I got upset. I cried. I couldn't BELIEVE it. This boy

had made me cry. Again and again. I was mad. I couldn't play with it in my mind.

But then I thought, "Why the heck

am I SO mad? I've been dating other people, even when you said you

WANTED to get back together." I came to the conclusion that the ONLY reason that I was so

upset, and stupid over you, was because you hurt my ego. Yeah. That's all. You didn't

really hurt me. You just said it first. And I wanted to be the one to say,

"It's done. It's over with. What you could've had is gone."

You know what though? I have come to the conclusion that, even if I DON'T get

married, I will still have a life. Boo-yah! Anyways, This is a long Ps. I tell

you this not for pity, but because it has been on my mind.

OK! Now goodbye!

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Andrea said...

so...that happened to me to. sort of. and thats exactly right about it bruising the ego. but i tell you what...that hurts alot sometimes!

and you my dear, are still young. you have plenty of time to find your eternal companion. dont fret! trust!