Friday, November 6, 2009

My Worl Place Experience of Awesome!!!

So there I am at work.

While at work, I trip.

And while at work, when I trip, I trip in the bathroom.

And when I trip in the bathroom at the place of work, I am actually in the stall.

So when I trip in the stall of the bathroom I work, my head magically lands itself in the toilet. . .


Annnnd when I trip and my head lands in the toilet bowl of wonder, my

hands reach out to stop myself.

To stop myself from falling.

But when I trip in the Bathroom stall at the place I work, where my head is in the toilet, my

hands accidentally flush the toilet.

When my hands flush the toilet, I give myself what we like to call a swirly.

And so at my workplace, in the toilet, where my head is sopping wet, I come out.

And when I reach the place I like to call my desk, my co-workers ask me what happened.

So I smile sheepishly and respond. . . . . . "Well It just so happens I tripped!"

I believe that my story goes questioned.

However I am very unlikely at this time to say the whole story. . . .

That doesn't hold me back though. For I am a talker! And therefore love to talk and tell stories. . .

I mention how I tripped, then landed in the toilet. . .

bowl of glory, and happen to give myself the

world's best swirly Given to oneself known to man.

The only thing missing. . . ????

The camera for all the world to see and laugh with me/at me.

Now, let me tell you all. . . . This did NOT happen to me. No sir/ma'am. This is what I THOUGHT in my head. And while thinking this in my head, I may have jinxed myself. But no matter, because I laughed my little head off all the same.

So the people at work REALLY asked, "What is so funny?"

And to that, I responded, "Nothing."

Then resumed to what I was doing previously. . . . Which is watching this funny video in my head, hoping it will become real, and laughing. But only laughing on the inside.

Wouldn't this just be so freaking funny. . . I agree! It indeed would. Hence why I thought of this!

Oh down time of my new job, we are BEST FRIENDS and I am in love with thee!!!

Would a girl as cool as me, with THOSE
<------------------------------------ (arrow)
SWEEEEEEET shoes REALLY trip herself in the TOILET BOWL, in the BATHROOM, at WORK, and come out with SOAKING WET HAIR??? I doubt it!


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