Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lab and the Teacher

So this week was a holiday week, which usually mean no lab for my astronomy class. Unfortunately my teacher missed the previous lab, and also the week before. When he came back to class he gave the lame news that, Yes! WE indeed did have "make-up" lab today, Thursday. And a test. Well I hate this class. . . and the lab. *side note*I take the class with my dad*side note* My dad had to stay at the lab since he had already missed one. You can miss one, or fail one lab, because your lowest score is dropped. Well I take the test in my lecture class, then wait for the lab. To myself I am thinking, "Man a live! I hate this lab."

Honestly people, it is busy work. The teacher doesn't write his own lab and each one takes about 3 hours to do. The cherry on the ice cream? Or cake? He won't edit it/take out pages/make it short. It's Grrrrrrrreat! I love it!

ANNNNYWAYS! I haven't missed or failed on single lab. I've never ditched or anything. I've gotten A's on every lab we do.

This reasoning is leads to my next bold action.

The teacher is talking to my dad, and he walks by me and I jump the opportunity, literally!

I say, "Hey (for I don't say teachers names. It's weird to me), I have to be somewhere at 7:30. Would it be alright if I took the lab home and brought it back on Tuesday?"

Teacher man "Well unfortunately no! There's a computer program that is only on these computers. So that couldn't do." (imagine a low and SLOW monotone voice)

"Well I could take the zero, since you cancel out the lowest score anyway?

Teacher, "You couldn't reschedule? Maybe take make it up during the day, if you don't work?"


"Oh yeah! I work full time during the day, So maybe I could after 5 pm?"

Teacher, "No! There isn't hardly any night classes. That won't work."

"OH! OK Well. . ."

Teacher, "Well I'll just go ahead and exempt you from this lab. I mean it is my fault. So this won't count against you."

"Oh (put on surprised face) OK. Well what should I do with this? (hold out my lab PACKET)"

Teacher, "I'll just go ahead and take it in case I need an extra one."

Thus my story ends with me saying good bye to my dad and walking out of the classroom. And NOT having to do the lab, with no points taken from me!!

Well ttfn (Tigger Language)



Whitni Watkins said...

did you not say thank you?
Man, lucky you but i'd at least be grateful you didn't even get docked points

Meredith said...

Yeah! I did! I was like "Oh! Thanks!" Waited, then left.

Hannah said...

Ahahaha! That's AWESOME! I wish I could get away with stuff like that at work. LOL