Thursday, November 19, 2009

Remember When. . .

Remember my most recent post?
The one JUST under this one?
About my teacher exempting me from the lab, so that it wouldn't count against me and I wouldn't get a zero?
Remember that?
I definitely do. . .
Here's is the rest to the story that happened, OH! About an hour or so ago.
In Lab, my teacher is passing out the graded previous lab.
He says "Good news! This lab isn't going to be as hard as the last lab (like I would know, NOT!). However hard it was, everyone did great. 90's and 100's all around."
He then starts passing the graded labs back. He gets to my area. There is my table where sits David, my dad, and ME. Then the table behind us which houses three, sometimes two boys (today it was two).
As he passes them out, I look at David's grade (we're lab buddies with my dad).
He got 77%!! Then I look at my Dad's (I am a snoop, and think I could have
gotten better, since I usually do. No joke).
He got 77% too. David turns to the table of two boys behind us and says,
"What did you guys get?"
To which THEY reply they got 61%.
WOW! Guess everybody DIDN'T do so good.
Well my dad is looking at his paper, and the teacher passes by. David says, "Hey! Can I be exempt from this lab too? (he's pointing at his grade and my teacher notices)"
Teacher, "Well, No!"
David, "Why? She got exempt from it!"
Then my teachers looks at me, points and states, "Yes, but she's attractive. And you are not!"
*crickets chirping interrupted by David*
David, "Well that's true. She is. I guess I can't argue that then."
David and I laugh, and move onto working on the lab.
Later on in the lab as we are just finishing our last question. David gets a different answer from my dad and I. He says, "Well what did you put?"
I reply, "I don't care. I mean, I'll get it right either way!"
We bust up laughing while my dad is still figuring it out. And I raise my
hand to ask the teacher.
*I am an AVID hand-raising girl. Like
Hermione Granger style NO JOKE. I get made fun of
for sticking it STRAIGHT in the air, really fast, and leaving it up until someone
comes. I do not lie! Ask anyone who is in class with me.*
Well my teacher comes and I ask my question. I ask, he leaves, David and I laugh
AGAIN! ha! Yes! We are also avid laugh-er-er's! Cannot deny the truth!
Then I tell my dad as we walk to the car. He responds in his "Dad" way. Then we come home, happy that we are done. No lab next week due to Thanksgiving. And HOME!
The. End.

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a.m.carlson said...

Haha, cuz you are attractive and he's not. That sounds like a great class! ;)