Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

It seems that everyone on this day is putting what they are thankful for. What am I thankful for? . . . . Lots of things! Mainly this year, I am thankful for a cute sick family that came to stay. My sister's family got ill while they were driving up. Such troopers. More specifically I am thankful for cute nieces and nephews who give me the most brilliant things to laugh at! ha
It's very amusing!

This year my nieces and nephews who came were sick. Not all of them. But being a sick person can give myself very good entertainment. Put the sick person in the form of a child and it's sad, but also funny.

What am I thankful for? . . . Brothers and Sisters to give me nieces and nephews who "say the darndest things"!