Thursday, September 10, 2009

Story of AWESOME!!!

Yes my deary friends! I have a story to share.

But first, I will give you a little bit of what was in my head when

this story popped into my brilliant and BEE-a-YOU-tea-FULL girl, blonde head. So whilst

chatting it up with my super amazing cool friend on book de face

(she lives in VA currently and knows who she is) she said "FER SHER".

Which then reminded me of one of those awkward dates that

I'm sure everyone has had. . . . Oh you haven't?

So sad to be perfect and boring.

For I am cool and can make dates feel so out of place.

Yes! It is a talent. Sometimes I be nice and let my dates

off the hook. Then there are those sometimes where I forget I have such a magical talent. . . . Anyways, back to me story of le-freak-de-awesome.

In the lovely, jovely (I'm british) state of Virginia, I was asked on a date.

My date was kind of awkward, so he shall be deemed

the name of awk-date (like Oc-doc from spiderman, but not).

So on my date with awk-date, near the end we were doing to climb

(hike) a "mountain" (twas but a hill) and watch clouds. WATCH CLOUDS (like in elementary where you try to figure out the shapes, but I am not in elementary and am in college).

It would've been deemed fun, had it not been awkward,

and had I not been so bad a hiking. And hiking such a small distance too

(seriously so bad at hiking, even though I like it. I am a turtle with asthma. It's fun).

We were coming back down and awk-date said something to where


(I also did my peace signs with both, yes, both hands-because i am gangster).

(Yeah, see me? Now imagine me being a little gangster and being

kind of awkward! Tis not hard, for that is my life. . .)

Do I remember what he said that made me say the statement?

Heck no!! All I remember was "the look". Oh you know,

The look of did-she-really-just-say-that look. And it wasn't a fast or subtle look. It was stare-her-up-and-down look. I didn't realize that

my ordinary AZ lingo would be taken as weird.

Anyways, after that, I don't really remember what happened. However that didn't keep me from talking to not make it so awkward for myself.

I do remember that he would glance at me afterwards from time to time. Maybe checking to see if I am crazy? Who knows.
And I also know that I remembered thinking, "Seriously Mr? You gave me the look for a misunderstood phrase of fantastic-ness? Psssh!
You were more awkward running into that spider webb you
didn't think I noticed. BUT I DID!!! I DID!"

I know that I watched what I was saying after that. haha! I am so funny sometimes!

Ever been on the awkward date? You say something un-wanted and get "the look"? Have you just ever received "the look" and NOT been on a date (because I have, it's fun)?

But yeah!! That is my story!

Hope you like.



mce said...

well, well, well. i promised to comment BUT no awkward dates for mce. only dates with dre for many, many, many days. so no comments to share !!

Rachel said...

lol... i love reading your blog. Sry I don't comment as often. That was great.... he gave you look. But I don't think there's anything weird about having fun and throwing in those fun words :-) I'm sure you'll meet a guy that repeats those fun words to you or just laughs with you! Have a great wkend!!

a.m.carlson said...

OMGosh, seriously?! I said this same phrase at FHE one night and got some similar reactions from a couple of people. Haha, it was great. We are the best. I can't wait till you come back so we can be each other's lingo supports. lol

Dallas said...

Good story.