Sunday, August 30, 2009

Soccer. . .

This is going to be a short post. However very learn-worthy. OK! So the other day I was asked by my friend Chris to go and play soccer with him and his friends. First let me tell you that, yes, I do love sports. But only sports that I am pretty good at. Now I can kick straight and hard. However when playing with BOYS who have been on teams, well. . . let's just say it was intimidating. To the point. Today, while driving to church, I saw some people playing the cherished game they love, soccer. I thought to myself, I REALLY do want to learn how to play. Well after watching, very carefully for I was still driving, I texted my friend Chris (this kid is amazing from what I've seen) and asked him to teach me how to play.

Then later in the day he said, "Do you want me to teach the rules too?"

And I replied, "Maybe another lesson. I don't really care about those. I mean if I'm being honest."

So what did I learn today? To be honest and be praised for it! haha!

What did you learn today? In church? In your day?

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mce said...

hi !!
we need more posts. where are you meredith?? do you need to be on the computer more?? play soccer only when you can look good and play adequately!!