Saturday, August 22, 2009

Again. . .

Two posts in one day. . . AGAIN! But technically since I am still kind of on Virginia time it's the next day! Take it however you please.

Want to know a pet peeve of mine? It's great. Totally appropriate seeing as how I've just returned to my home in Arizona and to get home I had to take a plane. . .

WEEEELL I'm going to shout out anyways and tell the world. Or the people who read my awesome-tastic blog. My pet peeve is: HATING PEOPLE WHO USE THEIR CELL PHONES ON THE AIR PLANE. Why does this bother me so? It's not because I am superstitious to any degree. Not entirely at least. However when THE CAPTAIN of the flying hunk of metal thousands of feet above the earth ground tells you to "Turn off you cell phones during the flight, UNTIL we get to [insert airport]," THEN JUST DO IT! This has happened one time before. Same airport. What do you NOT understand? What the freak is so important you put MY life in danger of crashing to a painful death, or painful survival. On the plane as we are in the air, finally after leaving the airport thanks to delays and storms, we are no where near civilization. I mean, people we ARE in the air, basically space. As I look out the window, I think, "Oh man alive. If i were an artist, these are the kinds of views I would proudly paint." Then to my wonderful shock, I turn my head to the slight left to see the lady sitting a chair away from me. Across the isle is her dear, sweet little hubby. Doing what? Oh yes. . . Playing with his cell phone. . . On the Internet. WE ARE IN THE AIR BUDDY! NO SIGNAL UP THERE!

So to my amazing sense of knowledge in my cute head, I think, "Dude! If this plane come crashing all the way to the ground. And we all somehow live. . . I will personally sue you dumb cell-phone-using-ways-whilst-on-a-plane-very-high-up until you wished you had died along with the rest of the passengers."

Just saying. Please don't use your cellular device when they specifically say NOT to. This is the SECOND time someone has done this. Seriously. I will tell you straight up that you are not cool/popular/busy/whatever to be on your cell phone. Genius!

That's all!

Post about my cute outfits coming soon!


P.S. I have a new cute-y nephew. BAM!


ConnieB said...

What a nerd! That would annoy me too!

Thanks for your comment on my post on BBL btw! :}

Rachel said...

This post was hilarious! Hope you're getting acclimated to your local time and having a great start to your week. I just thought of something, we should invent something where cell phones automatically turn off in situations like this.... I mean cell phones can detect when you turn them sideways, so why not when they're 1000s of feet high in the air... I'm already inventing this!! :-)