Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Talk-full-ness!

A few weeks ago I was dumped by a boy over the telephone (I didn't tell my mom I was dating this boy either). I couldn't understand why and I was blind in the
fact that I did not see this coming whatsoever.
I promised myself a few years ago that I would never cry over a boy,
however, that has unfortunately been blown out of the water. I'm a girl, give me a break.
I have a point to this, stay with me. Well, this boy is very nice,
of course I didn't think so when I was bawling my eyes out for him.
However he is. Well, the very next Sunday, like three days later, I was called to
be a Sunday School teacher in my branch out here in Virginia while
here for the summer. It was great, but I didn't understand
why they would want me to be a
Sunday School teacher. Yes, I can talk and talk and talk.
But put me in front of an audience/crowd to speak publicly, and I become so
nervous that I talk so fast it feels like I am humming a song. On Pioneer Day, one of the counselors asks me to give a talk on August 9th. Today.
I'd been given almost three weeks of preparing time. And today was the result of it. I made my talk 20 minutes (while reading out loud to my calm self) and it only lasted about 10-12 minutes. Which is good. Better than 5 minutes.
Anyways, on the whole dumping situation. It really opened me up to the church. I was already pretty strong in the church.
Paying tithing, reading my scriptures daily and praying
daily (most days). Well when I got dumped (harsh word, trust me, I KNOW),
it made me focus all my attention into the lessons and talks that I would share with this Branch. It was great.
It humbled me and made me more obedient to the
willingness of the Lord. So, I can't believe I'm saying this,
I am very grateful that I got dumped. Why? It has made me stronger in something much more important. Plus now I can focus my attention on the cuter boys!
Like the ones in my branch. . . well ONE. Actually two, if you count the missionary.
But I can't, because he is a missionary! Darn! haha!

Now I just want to give a little summary of my talk. . . The topic? Personal revelation through prayer. I spoke on the need and how we should be prepared and can prepare to receive such divine information from the Lord and the Holy Ghost. Then I spoke of how we also need to be prepared to receive the answer. It will come by "His own time, according to His own will." There were some really good quotes as well. In general, I'm so glad that I got to research this topic and come to know of the truthfulness and surety of this principle.

Oh! And thanks to a cute outfit and a sister, Mombabe, who did my hair. . . I looked SUPER cute for it as well! Check my cute-ness out! ha!

(Don't mind the bags hanging on the door)
So this is a dress a bought at Target! See the tear
drop hole in the center, so cute!
My hair is in a side ponytail with a big white flower.

Yes I am a nerd because I take these kinds of photos. . .
of myself. But you got to love me!

Anyways! That's my post!


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Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

You are the cutest ever. And I love you. Thanks for sharing... :)