Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Whole Lot of Nonsense

This Monday, I helped my sister, Mombabe, move into her new townhouse. First, I would like to express how much MORE I absolutely LOVE this house! Compared to the other crap hole, it's pretty cute and amazing. She already has pictures and decorations hanging in the house. It is officially her own home!

This Saturday I leave to go back home to Arizona. In some ways I am happy. In others, I am kind of sad. Virginia is a whole new world. It is filled with different people, different views, and different cultures. It is a beautiful state and I have met some really great people. When I first came so many months ago (May! Heck it's a long time! ha!) I was introduced to the sweetest girl, Mckenna. Now, let me tell you that I am not a girl person. Give me a boy to hang out with any day because, like me, they are straight up and know what's up. But Mckenna really helped me come alive in the church. She is so strong and through her example and kindness, is has made me strong. Like I said, I'm not a girl friend having kind of girl. Then another girl moved into the ward. I swear she is the funniest and so cute. I love her and her example. Plus she has the cutest taste in clothes. There are a lot of people in this singles branch of whom I will miss. Like my home teachers. One sometimes has an English accent. Yes, only sometimes. The first time i met him he was speaking pure like American (no accent). The next time, there it was. I guess it's a come and go type of thing. The other has such a good spirit about him. And he speaks like SEVEN different languages. Which is just cool in and of itself. There are tons of people I will miss.

I think I will miss my sister the most. She is so crazy, funny, loveable, fun (fun and funny are two different things), and so great. I love that she and I (along with everyone of my sisters) can just sit and talk and have a good time. Put aside our differences and talk. It's great to know that our mom raised all of us to be similar, but completely different. And it's great to know that our mom taught us how to love each other. I'll miss Mombabe's family. All the cute phrases and sayings and fights. Seriously people the fights are THE. BEST.

Although I will miss all of these things and the people the most, it's time to go back to the Arizona for a little while. I love knowing that I have a place to go back to. To a family and friends who love me. Well some friends, sorry for those who I don't love. Just kidding! ha! Anyways, I am so excited to go home and go to school. Crazy, but yes!

So while in the VA state I have made some very proud purchases. I will have a post on Saturday to show my pictures of all the GREAT (seriously it is THE BEST EVER) stuff that I got! Love love love love LOVE.

Mom, don't read this next little diddy here.
Do you know what? My missionary boyfriend got transferred. :( I cannot admire his attractive suit anymore. However I will be going home to an old sea, but with new eyes. Yeah boys! haha! Mom, ignore this part of my blog! Avert thine eyes!!!!!NOT! It's not like there's really any kind of anything special in here.

Well, Arizona watch out because I'm coming back fierce! Bay-bee!

I'll miss you sweet VA.



mce said...

we shall see you soon, in the valley of the SUN

a.m.carlson said...

Am I the other cool girl?! *wink wink* lol. You do know Nephi's accent is just a put-on, right? It's not real; he just wishes it was. It's cool, nonetheless. I like having someone else with whom to practice a fake British accent...