Friday, August 7, 2009

My Fed-UP Post!

Seriously!!!!! Ugh! Do you want to know what I am fed-up with?
People thinking they are so much high and mightier than all the rest of us.
Please let me just say that you need to step off your high horse,
take a look at your world, then talk.
I am pretty sure that your world isn't as "high and MIGHTY" as
you make it out to be. Want to know what else? Back-talking. Yes, I am guilty of this,
but please. . . The only reason you do it is
because YOU ARE WRONG and you KNOW it. Yeah!! Back-talking may seem like you are all the more smart, let me deflate that big head. It's not, and neither are you. What else am i fed-up with? "One-Up-ing". I am also guilty of this. However
I've grown out of it for the most part. So stop. This is a LOSE-LOSE situation.
So again with the head deflating.
I also am Fed-UP with the people that are self-centered and
are constantly playing the victim
card or the mayrter card.
Please get over yourself.
There's more that I'm fed-up with too. Ex-Boyfriends.
You are an EX for a reason. You weren't good enough.
In other words, you kind of sucked. Though we "loved" you at the time, we now know. Thank you for "closing your heart and eyes to us, because they really opened up mine".
What else? I'm kind of sick of this babysitting gig I have
going on at the moment. Now I absolutely LOVE little kids. They
are SO cute and funny. Seriously, where they come up with what they say,
is beyond me. But I'm not ok! with rudeness, fighting,
back-talking, question (every 5 minutes) asking, not following the rules, and having
no concept of the real world because you are so fixated on video games.
So please. Fix that. Thanks!

This is my fed-up post!



mce said...

well, well, well. someone needed to vent!!! hope tomorrow is a better day. enjoy your week-end and remember that you are loved. and ex-boyfriends are ex for good reasons!

Hannah said...

Poor kid. Hope everything straightens up soon. Just think...tomorrow's a new day!