Thursday, May 28, 2009


"Meredith, you need to sit down there and write a blog. . . Otherwise I'm going to put a gun to your head." ha ha! THAT is what is making me write this right now! ha ha! I am so bad at writing a blog, i apologize. . . What have i been doing that my mind has not even crossed my blog? Well i have been in Virginia, or traveling too. THAT is what. Stop hounding me, gosh. Ha. Just joking.

I had traveled to Virginia, to see my sister's (Mombabe) family and just come on vacation, with my mom and dad. It was a fun trip. However i did experience a heart racing driving situation on the way up. What was that "I'm so tired, but now i'm awake because i almost died" experience i am talking about? None other than my mother driving. We were in the heart of Maryland, and it was foggy (like no other fog you've seen before), with my mother at the wheel. I in the front seat tired from driving all night long, though i did have a nap, and my dad in the back seat, resting with his eyes open. ALL OF THE SUDDEN, my mom veers off the road. From the right lane, to the left lane, to off the road. My dad and i yell "MOOOOOOM". Well that's what i yelled. Then my mommy realizes our near death experience, by her swerving, and tries to correct herself, by getting over the the right lane again. However her swerving was somewhere between the speed of 50-60 mph. Not very fast, but fast enough to when you try to correct from a swerve, you swerve again. Scary feeling. Ever feel it? Ch-yeah, now I'm in that boat right along side of you. Anyways, so my mom says "OH i think i dozed off!" Hmmm. . . maybe! So i say "OH I AM DRIVING NOW!" ha! So we got off at the next place, got some food in our bellies, i got in the drivers seat, with mom in back, dad in front, and started off. WIDE AWAKE, not to mention. As you can tell we are safe! Cheers of joy!

Virginia welcomes us. We are here, i do have pictures, that i will have to post a bit later. Right now it's text time, OK? Actually now I'm at a loss for words. However i have been reading TWILIGHT since I've been in the VA state and the book collection was staring me in the face. I forgot how giddy (did that girl JUST say giddy? HECK YES I DID! Can't touch this!) it made me! ha ha! Even though i know what's going to happen. Anywho, i love these books! ha! Take that Twilight HATERS!

Also, now that i am here with Mombabe, i will be posting a lot more. To get away from her crazy chillens. jk. But for reals, i will be posting more frequently. How often? Well, just read and find out, GOSH! For now, I'm outing!



Sarah Blue said...

That story about Mom is Hilarious!! I love that she just said, Oh I think I dozed off. Haha. She would have been so mad if one of us kids did it. Poor lady. :)

mce said...

hi meredith, that was entertaining
enjoy your time in virginia. we miss you