Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh to Learn!

Can you believe that i am 21 years old and am JUST starting to learn how to drive a standard/manual/stick shift car? Yeah and I'm not very good, which leads to stalling. Which then leads to ME getting weird looks from others. Which THEN leads to me being embarrassed because i stall. But it's not like i can help it, I'M NEW! Gosh! However a plus side to this problem is that i don't LOOK like I'm 21 years old, i look like a 16 year old learning to drive. That fact can be good or bad, i take it as good. Because if they new my age, then the looks would PROBABLY be more harsh. NO BUENO! So people in Woodbridge, Va, I am sorry that I'm learning to drive on your turf. But it's better i learn here with your constant turns and hills (both up and down). JUST don't tail me!! Otherwise, that's a WHOLE other problem!

So that is one thing that has been keeping me preoccuppono (said like pre-oak-you-pawn-no). This summer my friend Karie and I have a little wager going for when i return. We want to be in shape (meaning I can run for a long time and not pass out/stop running/make up excuses). ;) I've decided it was a pretty good plan. My sister, mombabe, and I have been doing aerobics on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. BUT i'm going to boost it up and start running every morning and every night. Except on Sundays! Do you think i can do it? I think so. I just need to get out of my OH SO LAZY habit of not doing anything eh?! haha!

I am thinking of things to write, but nothing is coming up. I KNOW! Rambling on time starts. . . NOW. As many of you DON'T know, the movie New Moon (oh love) is coming out soon (well not really soon, but soon enough that i needed to re-read ALL of the books). I forgot how AMAZING they were and how much i love them. Seriously people, I feel like I'm in the book, with a more handsome Edward (NO OFFENSE to Rob). But for reals. ha! I finished reading all of them just a few days ago and I am REALLY, beyond, excited for the new movie. AND when it comes out, just as we did the first, I'm going to see it at midnight, because i'm OH SO COOL! Don't deny it either, because I know you're jealous. . . just saying. Well i finished the series and needed something else to keep my mind a rolling on. Ever heard of Enchanted by Orson Scott Card (he's a genius)? Well I started reading his book SO MANY OTHER TIMES, and just couldn't get into the first sentence. I know, pathetic. Well I actually started to finally read it and I'm LOVING it so far. Yeah, LOVE!

I'll let you know how that goes later on since i just started reading yesterday.

Well, this is a good post for now (don't laugh) so i will write up later.



mce said...

yeah!! something new to read !!! and glad that you are learning to drive stick shift AND those people probably think you are 15 with a permit, not 16. you look way younger than they know. i have the book enchantment out right now. it is good to re-read every year or so!!!

Meredith said...

I know, i'm so bad at blogging. But seriously i have nothing to blog ABOUT. Or at least i think. But i forget that i'm leaving people out of my loop (and it's a pretty COOL-ness loop to be joined in).

Jen Western said...

Hey Meredith! Just found your blog, how are you doing? I haven't talked to you in forever!