Friday, May 15, 2009


This will be kind of a long blog so be prepared. I haven't blogged in a while because of my laptop being OH SO DUMB! But now it is not so dumb so i can blog AND, a bonus, have pictures.

So over spring break my sister Verity, my friend Karie and i all went to Viva Las Vegas for a little fun. Seeing as how i turned 21 and what not, it only deemed fair. It was super fun. . . Here are some pictures to see how much fun we had. . .

We made Las Vegas shirts and wore them all through the town. Aren't they the BEST shirts ever?! I know! Black shirts, tape, and bleach water is all you need.

My friend Adam and I are being lions. Well HE is being a lion while I'm being a lioness! Even though i have more mane-like hair!! OH YEAH! The lion decided to go to sleep SO we took over. I think we do the job justice. . . But that's my opinion!

The story behind this? There are three, ONLY THREE, M&M worlds in the world. One in New York. One in Florida. One in Las Vegas. I have been to only two. The one in Florida and now VEGAS BABY! It was amazing! And seeing as how i am an M&M myself i thought it only PERFECT to post it!


That is Me, Karie, and this weirdo boy. . . Don't mind him! ha

So that was basically the Vegas trip! I won't bore you with all of the pictures, but there are a few. . . Now on to my next topic. The Easter Pagaent I was in the Easter Pagaent with my sister Verity and my Dad. It was really fun and this year was such a big year. One night we had over 17,000 people. I know, CRAZY!!! Now my part in the pagaent was a multitude woman and buyer and seller. Yes i sold flowers in the temple and Jesus kicked me out.

This is all three of us. My dad was a bad guy.

This is Jere (like jerry). He is also a bad guy and this was the last day. So i'm out of my costume!

Next was Easter Sunday! My mom got Verity and i new Easter dresses for sunday and we both bought new shoes. Mine are chocolate brown and shine in the sun between black and brown. My dress. . . GORGEOUS! It is silk and i got it on sale at Dillard's!

Oh babe's in new dresses and new shoes! Can i get a WOOT WOOT?!

And my last topic, FOR THIS BLOG, is the Black and White Ball that i went to with my date Brad. In institute my teacher was announcing it in class and blurts out "So Meredith, who are you going to the ball with?" I looked around my room, saw my friend Brad and said "Brad, do you want to go to the dance with me?" And like that we went. ha! It was out in the middle of nowhere! Literally! But it was fun! We had dinner there, and danced. Like high school all over, but i'm skinnier now! Yeah BOI!

Ok! So this is my blog for now! Hope you all enjoy and like it! There will be more tomorrow for sure! Have fun!



Busy Bee Lauren said...

Ok, you are a freakin babe. I am in love with you.

Anyway, I love that you went to Vegas! That is what I have been wanting to do! I have never been. I should go.

Chelsee Bingham said...

Ok I came across your blog and you are adorable! Is that last picture your boyfriend? CUte Cute!

Meredith said...

Lauren, Vegas was SO MUCH fun! You should Definitely go! haha!

Chelsee, no the boy in the picture isn't my boyfrannn! Just some cutie that i asked to go to the Black and White ball with me! haha!