Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So i noticed that every day i get on my blog (see how cute it is with the new background thanks to mombabe!)! Well since i get on every day i never really check out my own personal blog except for the "look" (which is again very cute). I get on and move on to the other blogs i read. My loyalties are not within my own blog, which is a sad day little blog-gy! I'm so sorry for neglecting you! I've decided to write a little diddy on my fancy little blog-gy!

I've recently found that i LOVE being 21, saying that i'm 21 and proving to people with my new license (no more a vertical looser but horizontal-ness)! Yes! I whip that little sucker out every time i talk to someone. . . ok not EVERY TIME. But to the new people! I say "Do you want to see my NEW 21 year old license?" no reason to wait for an answer because i show them anyways! haha. I love being 21! I feel so powerful! And i even bought some AMAZING-ly HIGH high heels. Now i'm not a big high heel person, but i got these babies for $15 thanks to Target. Woot! These high heels are my STAND BACK WORLD heels. I also got some CUTE new tops thank you to my sister and lovely parental units! LOVE THEM!

Want to know what is cool about my birthday?! I was born ON super bowl Sunday! Yes-sir-rooney. So it always falls somewhere near my birthday!

Ok! I will not fool any of you. The real reason i am posting this is because i am uploading music onto my MP3 (MPcool) player and i have been waiting FOREVER. . . BUT can i leave? NO. Because i have to watch this thing and make sure everything goes well. Hmmm. . . i am impatient. It is late and i am tired. So i wait here impatiently. Then i stumbled on my blog and decided to write after i read the other blogs that make me laugh aka Busy Bee Lauren, Bingham Diaries, and Sarah's Silly Stuff! Oh man a LIVE! I love you all for making me laugh so hard. . .

Well i'm done waiting! lucky me! ha jk! It's still loading. But i'm outa here



Caroline C. Bingham said...

how dare you laugh at me.

mce said...

well hi, nice of you to check back in!!!