Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Running is one of my newly acquired loves that i love. . . As much as i HATE to run when i'm having my "OHHHH FOOD I NEEEEEEED you in my BELLY/let me LIE on this COUCH ALL day because it gives me comfort" days, i LOVE to run! Not only is it healthy FOR MY BODAY, but also for my SOUL! haha! Seriously though! I think that running is my drug. . . For reals YO! ha!

NOW ONTO BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS!!!!!!! Not really! I just want to make you all EXCITED!!! ha! So this Saturday is VALENTINE'S day. I have never had a significant other on this special day. . . NO FOR REALS! I have had one in between birthday (never had one on my b-day either) and Valentine's, but never ON it! CRAZZZZZZZY! Not that I mind. . . ha! Don't get me wrong when i do get married (in the far future) i will have PLENTY of V-day events! However i want to share what i will be doing THIS year. I will be going on a date (actually going dutch) with one of my best friends. . . Hmmm. . . shall i givest thou a hint?? HER (yes her) name is KARIE!!! haha! yeah me. . .

About Valentine's day, i have THEN FUNNIEST little tid bit story that i am going to share with you. . . I won't be using real names (even though i know he won't check this thing, there is always that chance). So last semester i met this boy whose name is David. Very nice boy, don't get me wrong, but not for me in the SLIGHTEST! So This semester it just happens that at MCC i pass David every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that i am there. It turns out that i accidentally let it slip in one of our VERY brief encounters that "NO! I don't have a boyfriend anymore!" BIGGGG MISTAKE! David, the sweet spirit that he is, is on messenger on the slim night that i RARELY go on. Man i am so lucky. It turns out that it is like 2 weeks (yes not A week not even CLOSE to v-day! Ok! Maybe i'm exaggerating, but that's not the point! pay attention) to this Valentine's day.

David asks "hey! You're still single right!?"
*NO reply from me*
David asks "Hey! You don't have a boyfriend?"
*No reply! maybe if i hold out a bit longer he'll realize i'm "not on"*
David "Hey! (so enthusiastic) What you doing Valentine's day? Want go to Dance?"
*No reply and i finally get off!*

haha! That's not the end though! I hope this doesn't make me mean! Just human! haha! David sees me at school and asks me IN PERSON! Oh crud! I'm thinking "I need a name for a boyfriend". Luckily i just said "Oh NO! I can't go with you! Because i'll be spending MY night with my boyfriend. He's so nice!" haha! ok! So don't even think that i'm mean because i know that EVERY girl can think of at least ONE person that you've thought that! haha! Or done it! AND i let him down gently! haha! I am so funny sometimes.

So will i be spending time with my "boyfriend" that i don't have!!?? NO! I will be spending it with Karie! WHo thankfully isn't creepy! ha! To all of you i hope you have a WONDERFUL VALENTINE'S DAY! Get lots of chocolate, flowers, the conversation hearts, etc. LOVE YOU ALL!!!


P.S. Check out this HOT picture!

Yes! That is me and two of my hottie sisters! Shopping! SOOO happy! Verity and Berit! ha

Hmmm. . . Gonna have to say i LOVE that verity face!!!

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Caroline C. Bingham said...

good for you. Plus, you can use my husband's name if you want. And whatever you need to make him more real. At least then you'll only be sorta lying.