Monday, February 2, 2009

Did someone say NEON?

Hmmm. . . Neon party! Oh so fun! Check out my HTWANB (HOTTIE TAUGHTY WITH A NAUGHTY BOD) aka Myself!

Do you see those SEXY white skinny jeans with the NEON green shirt and bandanna garter to tie it together!? Yeah! That's me! But we all look HOOOOT! Siiiiizzle!

Again with the good looks!? Man a live! We just can't stop!

From left to right. Verity, ME, and Carolyn

OK! Now onto the Importante biznes! (said like business but with a certain swagger)! ANYWAYS! Do you ever have the most HILARIOUS little mind views? If you say no, you are a total liar! BAH! I called you out! So this happens to me. . . daily! Sometimes more than ONCE a day too. So every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I walk from the Astronomy building to Psych! Across the entire campus of MCC! I know FAR right. So one day as I'm walking through the court yard my mind starts to race! And here is what i think. . . Funny and random stuff, prepare yourself.

"Hmmm. . . Wouldn't that be so funny if someone i knew just happened to tackle me on my way to class. Man that'd be great. Actually why would it have to be me (i see random other person, they not knowing I'm plotting ha kidding). WHAT IF?!?!?! What if i SAW someone tackle someone else?"

Then i envision this WHOLE tackling thing GO DOWN right in my head! And i cannot stop laughing! Thankfully Mr. Cutie walks by (he's my next boyfriend) and i stop thinking that! END!

Peace Out!


mce said...

you look very nice.

Sarah Blue said...

I totally have random thoughts. It drives J nuts sometimes because he will be talking about one thing, then I will start talking about something completely crazy and he just doesn't know what to do with me. Hahaha! And when I'm alone, I totally imagine different scenarios going down. Hahahaha!!!

Meredith said...

haha! Sarah i love you! haahahaha! This happens to me all the time! I cannot control it!