Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yeppers! Short title! BUT i am OFFICIALLY 21 YEARS OF AGE!! WOOOOT! Let me just state again that i'm 21!!!! So i decided that SINCE i am 21 (i love putting that), that i will write 21 things about myself that you may or may NOT know!

1. Today is my birthday! I be 21! ha! Sorry. It's pretty much the ONLY thing on my mind right now.

2. My favorite colors are Blue, Brown, Green, and Dark Purple. Not the pansy purple, though i'm not against it. It's just not "pretty" to me!

3. I have the BEST family! Sometimes we don't get along, because we all have to be right. I like to call my family "power houses" because that is what everyone is. However when we get along. . . Nough said! ha!

4. I LOVE to dance, sing, play, read, play the piano, HAVE fun, whatever!

5. My new hobby is running! Yes, running and getting in shape!

6. If you take me to a restaurant and there is a TV on, that i can see, i will most likely watch it and tune you out. Not on purpose, mind you. Just because it's there, in my eye sight, and i'm an easily distracted girl (well woman)!!

7. I like the outdoors. I like camping and getting dirty. I like sleeping in a tent and eating over an open fire. I like water along with the outdoors, swimming fast, slow, it's all good to me. I like canoe-ing and trying to tip it over. haha!

8. I am an eat-er! I like food! That'll probably kill me later in life, but at least i will be happy. My favorite food is Seafood, then Mexican.

9. I LOVE music. Listening to it, creating little somewhat's in my head, singing it, playing it on the piano. GIVE IT TO ME!

10. Little noises bother me. They ring in my ears over and over and OVER. It's like that person nagging constantly at you and you can't seem to get away from it. It's crazy but true.

11. I like to read. Reading is also a new hobby of mine. I've never been the best because i have to read WORD for WORD. If i skip a word, this results in me having to go back and read the whole word, sentence or paragraph, ALL over again. That could be why i didn't like to read. BUT NOW i love it!

12. Crying people make me uncomfortable. Like in testimony meeting (one church meeting where members of the congregation can get up and express their. . . testimony. Sorry couldn't come up with a better word). Cry-ers bother me, which makes me tune you out. I am a little better when it comes to friends and crying and sharing their "emotions". BUT it still makes me uncomfortable and i can't listen to everything. I'm there when you're sad, but don't be TOO sad! ha

13. I like to go to church. Didn't use to because it was just something i was "suppose" to do. Now i go just to GO!

14. My favorite animals are the elephant and penguins. Then my favorite house pet would have to be the. . . . . (did you guess yet?) DOG!?!

15. I like to travel. I don't have money for it right now, but i plan on doing a LOT of it even after i'm married. Traveling is like a big adventure. Something i can't go without.

16. I have many best friends. Why need one? Anyways, my always will be best friend (because she can't escape it) is my sister, Verity. Seeee i told you she can't escape it!

17. I like math. Math is simple. You always have one correct answer. Ask different English teachers the same question and you get a couple of "right" answers. You aren't sure which to go with. No ask any math teacher the same question and you get the same answer. Easy! I'm a nerd. ha

18. Speaking of math and english brings me to school. I love going to school. I always have. Maybe it's getting away for a couple of hours from home, seeing some friends, or learning the new material. I actually choose ALL three! But i really DO like school!

19. My all time favorite band is Rascal Flatts. Country music for a country girl. I love every song ever written and sung by them. I would marry that band!

20. I like jeans. So you're probably thinking that this is really weird. . . and you're right. BUT i LOVE jeans. I have like 12 pairs alone and when i has me some MULA i will buy some more! I'm a jeans fanatic. Some girls like shoes, purses, jewels, etc. I'm a jeans kind of girl!

21. I.AM.21! (Had to put that again!)

Well send me some birthday wishes dangit!!



Caroline C. Bingham said...

♫Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Meredithhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Happy Birthday to you!♫

mce said...

i love you times21. you are my new favorite 21 year old. have a great new year. snowflake power. and penguins and elephants should be on everyones favorite animal list

Erica said...


You crack me up...I am so with you on the crying thing....I get majorly uncomfortable with people emotions...In fact when I was first married, Jeff had to give a talk in sac meeting, and he got a little emotional...Oh My..I wanted to run out of the chapel, and never come back..haha..I am better..but still not a fan...

Happy Birthday.....


Meredith said...

Thank you all for the b-day wishes!

Sarah Blue said...

So first, Happy Birthday. Good thing I saw you on your B-day in person, otherwise you could assume I didn't care. ;)

I loved your 21 items. So funny, because we are so similar! Hey, when you want to go camping, give me a call. We have all sorts of camping gear. And we have a lake pretty close to us... Just saying. :)

Love ya!