Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yes! You read it and i am AMAZED! At my sister's blog! She had SERIOUS surgery. . . SHOULD be laying down UPSTAIRS getting some rest. . . SHOULD be NOT getting on the computer. . . SHOULD not be doing QUITE a few things! But then there she is! That little Devil woman i love isn't following rules! AND she keeps her blog updated! Unlike me!

GUESS WHAT???!!! My B-I-G 21 birthday is coming up! It's on Saturday!! WOOT!!I actually can't remember what i was going to write about. . . SOOO I'm going to write on a couple of different things! Such as Hollister Co. Heard of it? It's a clothing store! Well my friend, Spencer, works there. I've been looking for a new job, so Spencer tells me to come apply at Hollister (yes I'm THAT desperate that i am going to apply in retail! and the WORST store to apply for!). I apply. End of story.

Running!! I am probably the worst person to run. I say that I'm going to go, and do, then after like a week i stop. Then run and stop. It's an on-going battle!Thankfully one of my best friends, Karie, needs to run too! So we both are starting this "let's not be pathetic and actually GO running and not stop thing" thing. Yeah! I think that it is going to work out. it has so far! See. . . We're pretty amazing! I know. . . and let it be known that these are BEFORE pictures! You can't expect the best results after a week of running!

So that is me! We tried taking "running pictures"! Found out we aren't the best! ha! We were tired after our run! BUT check out the bottom picture! WHAT.A.BRUISE!? I know! I'm proud!

That would be Karie looking OH SO GOOD pretending to run for the picture! haha! Look at those Calf muscles! Go Karie!

The bottom i snapped it and said i wouldn't put it up. . . BUT i lied! ha! It's funny!!!

OK! So that BRUISE, not birth-mark mind you, is from falling! Not just any old fall. . . But crashing! Yes! such a funny story! So i will tell you! My MOST HANDSOME brother, Morgan, decided that he needed someone to go ATV riding with him! So the phone got passed to me and i, the lucky one, got to go! We're driving and he's on his dirt bike and needs to keep his speed WAY up so that his bike doesn't sink. He would stop and wait for me when he got too far ahead. Well here i come and i think that I'm going SUPER fast. I wasn't going THAT fast, just too fast to turn. So here comes this turn and me, oh so smart, think that it is a smooth turn and that i will make it easy. WELL that turn is NOT smooth and "easy". Devil! It ends up being the BUMPIEST (well one of them) and sharpest turns! ha! So i didn't slow down (i didn't know i had to). So at the fastest (which was only like 25 mph) i head towards the turn. My quad crashes into a cactus (little baby-ish thing) and i fly into the tree just to the right. I break the tree IN HALF, bend one of the handle bars. Well Morgan hadn't noticed that i wasn't behind him yet. So i get out of the tree (one of those STUPID thorn trees. ALL covered. No point WHATSOEVER to have the BLASTED tree on earth) wiggling and squirming. Finally i get out. At this point i had forgotten that i was wearing my CTR ring on my right hand, until my finger started to hurt pretty bad (still not Morgan! YEAH!). So i take off my riding gloves (helmet still on). I notice that instead of my ring being round it is SQUISHED onto my finger! Try using my front teeth to get it to bend back so i can get it off. That didn't work so i used my back teeth and got the ring off. I put it into my pocket take off my helmet and my leg hurts, but I'm wearing pants so i can't see anything or know if it's hurt. Morgan notices I'm not behind and turns back and finds me standing and the ATV in the tree/cactus! ha! The FABULOUS brother that he is starts rapidly asking me if i am alright. I reassure him and he gets the ATV out. Then says i was going to fast and asks again if I'm OK! ha! I love that brotherly man of mine! Well he fixes it and says not to go that fast. Just when we're about to head out i realize my long sleeve thermal shirt has red-ish-brown stains that had not been there before. So i lift up my sleeve and There it is! The whole that makes me look like a drug addict who doesn't know how to stick a needle in my arm. It's still there mind you! Still a whole! ANNNND i have a SWEET bruise from the ride! I wish i would've brought my camera! But i left it in the CAR! bah! Anyways! That's my pretty funny and AWESOME-ly amazing story on how a got my bruise! That's only one though! I have LOTS all over and my finger is still jammed! BLEH!

After that my brother wisely says, "Any idiot can go fast. But you have to know when to slow down."

I got better after that! ha

Be smart!



Meredith said...

that is a HUGE bruise. sick.

Meredith said...

oh, that was me, MomBabe. but I'm logged in as you. ummm, yeah, I'll log out now.

Meredith said...

haha! Thank MB! You're the best!

Bruise=AMAZING! and Gi-WOM-BOUS!!! I know!

mce said...

i very much like the new title on the blog. not so much the picture, by your profile