Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ugly Sweater Party!

So the other day Verity, my younger sister, and I wanted to have a party! So she decided to the theme of such an AWESOME party should be "UGLY SWEATER PARTY"! Cool Beans! Well it was fun! Actually it was a blast! So i'm going to put some pictures up From the party! Likey??? me too!
To the right from LEFT to RIGHT; Ashley, David, Jared, Jose (josie), Carolyn, and sleeping on the couch is Jacob!

That is my face and my new friend Spencer! He's one funny kid!
This Would be Ashley and ME
Me and one of my friends Justin aka Juse!

KaIree CraZZZee Face!
My sister Verity and Jared!
Brian! We both liked our sweaters even though they were "ugly"! Mine, thank you to my sister showing me, was in a stylish magazine!

Talisha and my good looking self! ha! She's funny!

Verity trying to dance with Karie, but denied!

Well that's not ALl the pictures but you get the jist! It was a fun party! I must take this point to sound conceited and say that i looked REALLY cute at the party! Hence the pictures! You should be sad you missed out on my ever-so-good-looking self (trust me, sometimes that's hard to come by) and the party! I made brownies that you missed out on too! BLEH-haha!

peace out!


Erica said...

Your so cute..AAHH what's it like to be young again...:)
Looks like you had a fun time...


mce said...

looked like fun!!

Sarah Blue said...

Those sweaters were NOT ugly. Not by far! Haha! You and Miss V always look cute. :)