Monday, January 19, 2009

Pictures from Virginia Trip!!!

I TOLD you all they were coming! So impatient! jk!

I first want to say this. . . I have NO clue how to do this. If it doesn't work, i'll find out another time. But for now let's see. Now note that my pictures on my blog won't be as fancy as Mombabe's pictures. AKA i won't have cute little sayings on them. Because i just don't know how to do that! YET. . .

GRRRR. . . It didn't do it the way i wanted! I'll have to ask and figure it out!
On the top left is my niece Blayne! isn't she a doll. and Taylor is in the pink jacket, with Tad hiding in the back. This is by one of the many trees in the Dc Visitor's Center

Next is Mombabe, my lovely sister, her hubbie Troy and little Taylor cakes. No one else would get in the picture when we said to! I think Taylor is only there because she is being held???? *Outside the DC Visitor's center

NEXT! ME! I liked that Christmas tree the best! OH! by the way, most of these are taken at the Washington DC temple.

Bottom right is Mombabe, Taylor (getting smushed-ded), and Me

Bottom Left is the three oldest little Bingham babies. Blayne, Tad, Danny Mac!

I have lots more pictures! BUUUUUT if anyone has any idea on how to put these things up PLEASE inform me! I'd like to make this cute. And is there a picture limit???? HELP!!

ps. more pictures coming of Yuma with the Crazy Claridge Clan, Washington DC and Virginia in general


Caroline C. Bingham said...

Okay, you have to upload your pictures THEN type around them. And you can move them same as your test, left, right, center. You can upload 5 at a time, but there's no limit to the number of times you can upload. So, if you wanted, you could have 100 pictures, just 5 at a time.

AND if you want to write on your pictures, you should download Picasa 3. It's free. And it lets you do retouching and write and all sorts of stuff.

There. I'm so helpful, I should get an award.

Unknown said...

i enjoyed the pictures. more, i want more!!