Sunday, January 18, 2009

Oh Mother!

So! My mom BASICALLY (i hate that word! BUT i use it! hahaha) bawled me out about not updating my blog! Which I've sworn to do! MAN that woman i love caught me! Dang it!

Ok! So i thought that since some of you (whoever you are) might think the same thing, that i will post something new today.

I am safe and back home in AZ. On the plane ride i had LOTS of time to think. And by LOTS of time i man 4 hours to where not even music and the book that i'd read could hold my time. That's what brought me to thinking, plus i can't sleep on planes- GRRR to all you little devils that can easily sleep anywhere. Ok, ok. Getting back on track. Thinking! So here are some things that i was thinking. Take what you may but i'm a pretty good think-er. Yeah! I said it. . . WHAT?! Eh-hem!

From the HEAD of MYSELF i give you my THOUGHTS:

1. Rascal Flatts is probably my favorite band in the ENTIRE WORLD! Yes! Country is a simple thing. But these guys are AMAZING! And wonderful. I would marry them all for their voices. Hmmm. . . i want to go see them live. Wow! For as long as i have loved them i've never seen them live. How pathetic am i? OH! I should just date someone and tell him that i want to go to a concert. . . GREAT idea! NO! But then i'd have to act interested (easily done, but not so easy when i have something i LOVE to listen to!!!). Drop that. I KNOW! I'll just buy some tickets. Get a job, buy some tickets, and have my friends come with me. PERFECT!

2. JOB! Dang i need one of those. Something most people find easily, i can't. Suck. ok. . . Get a job. Not so hard. Where do i want to work?

3. Hmmm. . . maybe i should have stayed in VA! Job opportunities calling my name and cutie boys out there that don't know me! WoOt!

4. Boys are dumb. Why do i love your faces? I don't need a boy to do the things that i want to do.

5. Things i want to do?! Well i've never thought about that. Actually it's on my mind, you silly things. So black and white lets see what we have. I want to travel. I want to go everywhere in the world. Sight see. I could go by myself and have time to think get things sorted. I could finish school. Not just finish but exceed in school. My time would be focused on school and nothing more. I could go to a fancy college where education isn't laughed at. Not even go to school for the athletics or for friends but for me! PERFECT! WORK ON SCHOOL!

6. Temple. I love the temple. Which little LDS girl doesn't think of it, or have it in the back of your head? But i have to get married. Hmmm. . . not a bad idea. Then i have to find a boy. ThEn i have to be most wonderful enough to have him want to propose to me. And that's NOT hard to do (yeah right!). Wait! GIRLS can go through by themselves. I'm sick of waiting around for someone to come and marry me. I've been waiting and i'm DONE! Do you know how boring and hard and tear-y it can get waiting and thinking "I'm never going to get married!"? Yeah! It gets old fast. I'm already temple worthy, and nothing is going to change that. So why not?! I can get a temple recommend and go through. Then i can go with my dad and mom and family! PERFECT! But how do i acquire something like this! I KNOW, i'll talk to my bishop. What if he thinks that i want to goon a mission? Don't get me wrong i give kudos to all you missionaries and sisters missionaries. I just don't want to be one. Not that i don't want to share the gospel, that's something i think about quite often actually. I just don't want to have to put a label on something (now these are just my thoughts). I really want to go!

Man! I am crazy! But seriously that is NOT all i thought about. The temple is mainly what i thought about most of the time though. And can you believe i actually CRIED about it! I'm certainly NOT a cry-er but when i thought about this i seriously teared like no other!

Well thanks for all those that read my blog and think it's BORING (Cough*Verity)! My life isn't entertainment! Just kidding! It really is much funnier than claimed on my blog! You just haven't experienced it! Well Peace!


Sarah Blue said...

Dearest Meredith,

You have a blog and didn't tell me!!! I know I'm not your favorite sister, but Come On! You could have told me! I would only have stalked you once a day. But no! You kept it a secret, so now I will stalk TWICE a day for revenge!!! ;)

Seriously, I'm so excited that yoiu have this. It makes keeping in touch so much easier. Love ya!!!

Sarah Blue said...

Okay, so now I will give a comment about what you wrote.

1. You can TOTALLY go to a college just for you and get some fabulous education, all for yourself. And it is NOT being selfish. Being selfish and Taking care or one's self & improving oneself are VERY different things. And I don't think you have ever been selfish.

2. You do not have to be getting married or go on a mission to go through the Temple. Some people do believe that. And they are good people who are very sincere in their beliefs, so it's hard sometimes to go against what they are telling you. BUT you have to do what's right for YOU. And if you feel that the right thing for you is to go to the Temple, then GO! If you know that you are ready to make those sacred covenants, then DO IT!!!

I was planning on going when I turned twenty, so that I could be there when Morgan went through. Of course, J came along and moved my plans up quite a bit. But I still made sure that my Temple trip was seperate from the Wedding. So many girls lump them together. Which is great for them. But jsut because something is right for THEM does NOT mean it is right for YOU! Only YOU can decide what is right for YOU.

3. So, you want to go traveling...Me too, but I'm chicken to go by myself and don't want to drag my kids with me. Maybe I'll get J to take a week off and WE'LL go together some crazy place. What do you think?

Love ya!