Monday, January 5, 2009

Washington Dinner Count (DC)

Today The Binghams and i went to go to DC again today. I got to see the Lincoln Memorial, the Arlington graveyard, the Jefferson Memorial, and the Kennedy center. What else did i get to see? Too little a stroller for too many a babies! I will have to post a video that i made. . . it is QUITE hilarious. WAIT.AND.SEE! Why so funny? Let me just give you a background OKKKKKKKKK!! So everyone knows about the two seat stroller with one seat behind the other and the back seat lays back fully for possibly sleeping babies? GOOD! You know what I'm talking about! ok! So imagine a 5, 4, 2, and 1 year old baby. ha! See it's already getting funnier. ok! So Tad (5) is in the front seat, Daniel (2) is in the back seat along with Taylor (1, the little booty bumper) behind him. Try to picture with me just for a moment. Taylor not wanting to share so she sticks her little booty as far out as she can, in the process of hitting Daniel. Well, Daniel wasn't taking that without a stand, so he retaliates. By pushing his head at her (like hitting, but you could say more. . . "kind") ha! Well Taylor repeats this process over and OVER! Then gives up and takes to hitting (really lightly because her jacket is too big that her hands don't show) But anyways, the jest of this story is funny. DON'T TELL ME IT'S NOT! It is! And your too stubborn to realize anything to the sort of so much funny that you don't realize it.

At Dinner with the Binghams little Daniel is not eating he noodles. So my sister Caroline(Mombabe) says. . .
"There is a PARTY in you tummy and this green bean wants to come in!"

Ha ha! I have NEVER heard anything like that to get your children to eat! But i was CRACKING up! Inside and out! So i decided i would post it. . . THEN it got even MORE funny (how so?). She continues to talk about the party and my niece Blayne say "There's a party in my tummy. Yummmy Yummmy!"
Caroline singing "There's a party in my Tummy! Yummy, Yummy! Yummy, Yummy!" (Repeat one more time) ha!

I love that woman! She's amazing truly! ha ha. . .

Th. Th. That's all folks! Peace out!

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