Friday, January 2, 2009


OK! So since I've been here in Virginia with my sister i have been remembering some old funny stories! SOOOOO. . . the kind person that i am decided to share some funny with you! 3. . .2. . .1. . .GO TIME!
So the when my sister Caroline, and her hubby Troy and family were driving out to Virginia I had the pleasure of driving with them! NO! I love them! So it was fun! Well one of the days Troy get tired and Caroline takes over driving the moving truck and i driving her Yukon (i think that's what it is. Smaller sub)! Well as we're driving Caroline had one of her little rascals in the truck and they were getting hungry, so she decided to walkie-talkie us and say, "Hey there is a McDonalds at the next stop are you guys hungry?" *Notice we were going to stop at the "M" place anyways. I wanted to have a little fun and my handsome nephew Tad says "OH PLEAZE can we stop at MCDONALDS?!" This is how the conversation went from here

Me "NO! WE're NOT going to stop because i HATE McDonalds!"

Tad "PUH-LEAZEEEEE! I Want Mcdonalds!"

Me "You don't know what you want! McDonalds is GROSS! I HATE IT!"


(Meanwhile Troy in the car trying to rest! Sorry Troy! ha!)

Me "NOOOOOOOOO!!! I HAAAAAAAAAATE MCDONALDS AND WE ARE NOT STOPPING!" (By this time we've gotten off the exit and are turning to go to McDonalds, also laughing hysterically)


*Now turning into Mcdonalds


Tad "Uhhh-Huh-HUH!!!!! But i just LOVE it! Tad LOVES MCDONALDS!) (continues to grunt and scream with me saying no! I know i'm kind of mean but we were IN THE PARKING LOT!)

Me "Just kidding Tad-dles! WE'RE HERE!!!"

Tad "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE McDonalds! Thanks (starts basically a triumph chant for "winning")!"

ha! OK! So you may think i'm mean, but i'm not, just funny! And he was happy! ha! If you heard my nephew you would've been laughing JUSt like i was! Poor Troy, too! This was the SHORT version of the story. It would've been too long to actually have you read the WHOLE thing, which i know you would've done. AND afterwards I told Caroline and she laughed just as hard as i was. Just to proove that i'm not mean i'm like their FAVORITE. Seriously. Ask my siblings and especially their mom and dad. ha! It's true!

BUUUUUUUT that was one time. I just thought i'd let you in on a little fun. Movies are now calling my name, unlike you. So peace out.

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