Monday, January 12, 2009

Random Thoughts

Well Hello! I notice that after this first two blogs i kind of neglected this thing! SOOOO. . . Here i am typing along!

I AM STILL IN VIRGINIA! I like it here! The weather is nice and cold. The people here run. . . Actually let me explain that one. See in Arizona people do run, you don't see them that often though. BUT here, you see the joggers all day! NO JOKE! And they're totally serious runners too. Spandex (not the short ones but the LONG ones), gloves, mittens/gloves, coats, beanies, etc. If you were to wear that in AZ you'd DIE of heat stroke, or something. But here, being that it is so cold you need excess layers! I bet they have long underwear (two pairs, too).

I think that i will inform some of you (even though so very little of you read my blog) that my sister is doing pretty well after her surgery. Well as far as having four little children having to be told constantly to "Not touch mommy!" ha!

Today, to get the little monsters to "calm down" a bit, i took them to a park. OH MAN ALIVE! It is so funny! I NEED to get some pictures on here. So funny. Anyways so we're playing at this park and this lady (we'll call her lady #1) passes by me with her grand-daughter (or something, but DEF NOT her mom). I comment her little grand-daughter/whatever-this-little-girl-is-to-her/NOT-DAUGHTER. Cutie-pah-tootie pie, Danny, says "I'm Daniel!" (so proud that i could understand him and lady #1 could too). ANYWAYS, you're probably thinking "why the heck is this so funny?! Meredith this is a lame story!" WELL. HOLD.YOUR.HORSES. After Danny clearly introduces himself he turns back around to play in the sand. Low and BEHOLD, that when he bends over to play, HE HAS THE BIGGEST PLUMBERS CRACK!!! Most of you know that i get my entertainment from ANY sort of funny. So i call him over to pull up his pants and that fixed it. All the while, lady #1 standing there looking just as polite as ever. MmmmmHmm. Ok! NOW on to LADY #2! Booh-ba-doooo (sing that). Lady #2 has lost her "BRah-Ther" (ok say brother. . . did you say it? ok now add the STRONG Brooklyn accent and Ba-da-bing! I just introduced you to the new form of brother!). She comes by me, sees her "BRah-Ther", then i hear this
Lady #2 (let us change this to Brooklyn) "Ahre YOooooU THEY-rrrre Nannn-EE?"

Me "NO! I'm there aunt."

Brooklyn "Oh! Being the aunt is way better."

Me . . . . *silence*

Brooklyn "YOooooU Mahst beh Cuz yo jAHcket is So clean and SO is yo face"

Just after this she takes her two boys "what's his name" and "BRah-Ther" to this little bridge-y-bendy thing and they proceed to throw rocks onto it. The only reason i REALLY paid attention to this detail was because just prior to that little Blayne E. had just cleared all the rocks off this bridge-y-bendy thing so that "Everyone can be careful and not get hurt!".

End of conversation! Let me just add though that it's not that I'm clean or have a clean face, or can speak proper English (most times, it's hard when I'm around those little children, HELLO baby language!). It's just that, even on my "WOAH HELLO! Who is this person and why are you on the earth because you look terrible" days, i still look, or try to, somewhat decent. Or i don't go out. ANNND for all those that know me again, i will gladly admit that I'm a clean freak with my clothes. Ask my sisters. ha!

ok! So now that THAT is over, moving on. So remember how i said that i will post some pictures. . . ? YEAH! About that, i will, and i intend to. BUT when my laptop won't connect to any internet (stingy people block theirs so i can't steal!) i can't put them on here! Sad day. I know. Tell me about it. They will be coming. Just like i promised.

I don't really know what i posted on here today. I'm kind of out of it. Sooooorry if it doesn't make sense. Try to make do with what you can though, right? Peace!

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