Thursday, January 1, 2009


My older sister is looking over my shoulder while i am writing this! BAH! Happy New Year by the way! Since I'm not really sure how these blogs go i think that i will have to start at. . . TELLING YOU ABOUT MY DAY! Actually the past TWO days, to be more specific! So Dec 31st. THERE I WAS! New Year's Eve! Getting ready to go out and have a kind of lame (at first) time. You could say it gradually (SLOWLY as all heck) increased in fun!
Anyways. . . i changed my mind and I'm not going to be talking about that! Instead i will be talking about how i am down in VIRGINIA with my sister. You may know her as Mombabe from her blog (oh that woman sisterly of mine that i love so dearly)! ha! So i leave after a long night (yes it was long because sometimes i wanted it to end. And you KNOW how things seem longer when you want it to end. DO.NOT.LIE!) and arrive to see my sisters family waiting for me! Woot! I love those little chillins! They are SO.DANG.CUTE! ha! It is also very freezing here. I mean that litteraly. I know, i'm am wimp!
This is probably going to be one of the shortest things that i ever write. 1. I am a writer. BORN to WRITE/blog! 2. I also happen to be very tired! So peace out! Love ya bye!


Caroline C. Bingham said...

♫ Born Free! As free as the wind blows! ♪

Um, congrats on finally having a blog loser.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!!!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Welcome! I am excited you have a bloggy!