Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Forsberg's in Rexburg

So in case you missed it, we moved to Rexburg, ID! Arizona skies gave us such a sweet farewell the weeks leading up to our departure. We made the trip in two days and had some unexpected car troubles with our Rover. We spent the night in Cedar City, the half way point, at my brothers house. The next morning we got things ready and ran a few errands. Had to pick up a gift for Ridge, a toy vacuum, and we drive by the new temple. It is coming along beautifully!! My brother volunteered to help us drive and unload. He beat us to Idaho by a couple hours. You could say he's a speed demon. And he only had Ridge. 

Anyways, we made it to Rexburg safe and sound and spent the night in a hotel. Tyler and Ridge went swimming! Well, they sat in the hot tub. The pool was a bit cold for our AZ blood. The next morning, my mom and I went to check some things out since we couldn't get the keys right away. But I got a call from Tyler whole mom and I were driving around that they had gotten the keys early and they were unloading. So we made our way to our new home. Tyler's parents were there to help unload and unpack as well. Once the moving truck was empty, we took it back. Morgan (my brother) and Megan (my niece) left shortly after. Then my parents left shortly after that. It was so great having their help and support moving here. 

So after my brother and parents left came the unpacking. I still have boxes left, we have a lot of crap from moving from our house to a town home. Malya, Tyler's mother, helped me unpack some of the kitchen stuff! And a big thank you too. After that, Tyler's mom and dad took us out to dinner. At Winger's. Never been there before? Be jealous! They have THE BEST wings I've ever had, serve popcorn before the meals, and it's just a fun environment!

After all of our help left, we had to get Ryler ready for school. Since it starts on Monday and we only got there on Friday! The first week was tough. Tyler was very stressed about a lot of things and his patience was wearing very thin. It was a very rough week. The next weekend we drive, with one of Tyler's awesome sisters Kaylee, the 5.5-6 hour drive all the way to his parents house. We spent the weekend there with all of his other sisters too. It was a pretty fun weekend. I was just getting over how emotional and HARD the week was, so I was kind of crazy. But I blame that on Tyler! Haha. We left in Sunday after church and lunch, since we had to be back for Tyler to go to his second week of school.

The second week was much better than the first. Tyler is starting to get into the groove of school. Now we are into May though and I hit Tyler a day planner and am his secretary to help him remember when he has work, school and homework assignments. 

Rexburg has just been beautiful. Kaylee visited and stayed with us over the Motger's Day weekend. We love having her over. I think she kind of calms Tyler down. He gets a little crazy sometimes. But when you have a house full of crazies, it's to be expected to go a little nuts sometimes. Lol. Anyways, I have gotten more and more boxes unloaded. We could still use a few more things and are getting closer to having a livable, functioning home. But I'll take what I can get.

Also I took Ridge and Delaney to the zoo in Idaho Falls. 

That's all. I feel like my blog is kind of scatter brained and all over the place. Hopefully it makes sense. But if not, just look at these pictures and maybe you'll forget the words. Haha!
Loaded up and leaving my parents home in Mesa.
Forgive my windshield. But look at that sky!
All of our caravan. This was before my car started having serious problems and we switched to pulling it on the trailer. Page, AZ.
Well hello Utah. Utah drivers are CRAZY and it was raining all through Salt Lake City where no one knows how to drive in clear weather, let alone rain. 😬 that was my face driving.
Hello beautiful! We were blessed with wonderful views.
Hello Idaho. Pocatello is a beautiful city. With green rolling hills! It was breathtaking.
We had Megan in the car with my mom, Delaney and I. She was such a big help! 
Tyler and Ridge at the hotel pool.
Sweet babes on the hotel bed.
The temple and sky are beautiful. This is the closest I've ever lived to a temple before. I can look out my window and see it up on the hill.
The park RIGHT behind our house.  It snowed the first day we were here so I had to pull out jackets!
We walked Tyler to class for his first day of school like he was 5 years old! Haha!
We woke Ridge up with balloons on his birthday! What a cute 2 year old boy.
Celebrating Ridge's birthday at Grandma and Grandpa Forsberg! Ridge was teething this weekend and was super whiny and kept getting told to stop whining. But the cake and birthday singing made it all better.
Birthday gifts.
Forsberg cousins. 
This is the Twin Falls temple. We stopped by on our way back to Rexburg.
My favorite little girl!
Because nothing is better than chubby, naked babes.
Delaney turned 4 months old. I'll be doing Ridge's Birthday post and Delaney turning 4 months in another post. 
Ridge at the zoo!
Riding the safe tiger at the zoo! 

That's all folks!

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